Amana Fridge – Defrost Problems – BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Series

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

This write-up is brought to you by A PCB REPAIR COMPANY.

This Amana defrost controller is often sent in for repair.  Even more often, we get a question regarding defrost issues and how to determine if the controller is at fault.  Luckily, Amana has a test feature built in to all of the following models.  It is called “Force Defrost”.  Basically, if you open and close the door 4 times within 8 seconds the electronic controller will go into forced defrost so you can check the functionality.  Read on to get more deltails…

If you have an Amana/Maytag refrigerator series BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI or SRD, you may be experiencing some of the following problems due to a worn out adaptive defrost controller.

  • Freezing/Icing Build-Up
  • Not Maintaining Cold Temperature
  • Warm Freezer
  • Compressor not Running

These models have a defrost controller that looks like this:


Electronic Defrost Control – 12050501, 12050504, 12050505, 12050506

Part numbers 12050501, 12050504, 12050505 and  12050506 have a simple troubleshooting technique to test defrost and compressor control.  This is from the Maytag documentation:

Forced Defrost

  • To force a defrost cycle, open and close either the freezer or refrigerator door light sw itch 4 times in a 8 second period. Allow atleast 1/2 second betw een each sw itch condition.



  1.  The compressor must be operating w hen forcing defrost.
  2. The evaporator fan motor is fan delayed through the defrost thermostat and w ill not function after a defrost cycle until the defrost thermostat closes.
  3. To bypass the 6 minute dw ell time after a defrost or to terminate a forced defrost, disconnect pow er to the refrigerator for 30 seconds.

Input Voltage Readings and Checks

L1 to L2 – line voltage should be present w henever the refrigerator is powered.
K to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith cold control contacts closed.
T to L2 – line voltage should be present w hen cold control contacts are closed, defrost terminator is closed,
and adaptive defrost control is in defrost mode.
R to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith refrigerator door open (door light sw itch closed).
F to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith freezer door open (door light sw itch closed).
Outputs Voltage Readings and Checks
C to L2 – line voltage present w hen in refrigeration mode w ith cold control contacts closed.


Wiring diagram for BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Models

Wiring diagram for BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Models



The complete list of models that have this type of deftrost control is:


Dim Display on Whirlpool Built-in Oven? Check for Corroded Wire Nuts. RBD YGBD Series

Another troubleshooting tip from a PCB repair company.


A very nice lady from Houston sent us the oven controller from her Whirlpool RBD275 built-in double oven. We rebuilt and returned … then got it back a while later with a note saying the display is very dim. We powered it up on our test bench and the display looks great. After discussions w/nice lady the syptoms were: I can read the blue clock ok (but not great), I can’t read the temp display after a few seconds of starting bake.


So, long story short … wire nut connections on the main power feed to her oven are corroded … a few seconds after you push “start” the bake relay kicks in and draws high current causing the control board voltage to droop.

On the bench we hooked up a Variac (variable transformer) to test at proper and then compare to drooped voltage. You can see in the pictures that at full voltage display looks great (lower)  but with the line voltage dropped to 91V (upper) you can still read clock but the orange digits are almost gone. It’s a characteristic of the display technology (vacuum flourescent display – VFD).


It’s a good quick visual to see failing breakers and oxidized wire nuts (at least once they’re degraded enough to add about 0.5 ohms of resistance to power feed).

Simulated affect of voltage drop across faulty wire-nuts

Simulated effect of voltage drop across faulty wire-nuts

Part numbers:

4451856, 4451991, 4452890, 4452898, 4453664, 8301345, 8301908, 8301917, 8302319, 8302967, 8303817, 8303883, 4451992, 4452891, 8302966.

Model Numbers:

GBD277PDB09, GBD277PDB10, GBD277PDB2, GBD277PDB3, GBD277PDB4, GBD277PDB5, GBD277PDB6, GBD277PDB7, GBD277PDB8, GBD277PDQ09, GBD277PDQ10, GBD277PDQ2, GBD277PDQ3, GBD277PDQ4, GBD277PDQ5, GBD277PDQ6, GBD277PDQ7, GBD277PDQ8, GBD277PDS09, GBD277PDS10, GBD277PDS2, GBD277PDS3, GBD277PDS4, GBD277PDS5, GBD277PDS6, GBD277PDS7, GBD277PDS8, GBD277PDT09, GBD277PDT10, GBD277PDT7, GBD277PDT8, GBD277PRB00, GBD277PRB01, GBD277PRB03, GBD277PRQ00, GBD277PRQ01, GBD277PRQ03, GBD277PRS00, GBD277PRS01, GBD277PRS02, GBD277PRS03, GBD277PRT00, GBD307PDB09, GBD307PDB10, GBD307PDB2, GBD307PDB3, GBD307PDB4, GBD307PDB5, GBD307PDB6, GBD307PDB7, GBD307PDQ09, GBD307PDQ10, GBD307PDQ2, GBD307PDQ3, GBD307PDQ4, GBD307PDQ5, GBD307PDQ6, GBD307PDQ7, GBD307PDS09, GBD307PDS10, GBD307PDS2, GBD307PDS3, GBD307PDS4, GBD307PDS5, GBD307PDS6, GBD307PDS7, GBD307PDT09, GBD307PDT10, GBD307PDT3, GBD307PDT4, GBD307PDT5, GBD307PDT6, GBD307PDT7, GBD307PRB00, GBD307PRB01, GBD307PRB03, GBD307PRQ00, GBD307PRQ01, GBD307PRS00, GBD307PRS01, GBD307PRS02, GBD307PRT00, GBD307PRY01, KBRP36MHT00, KBRP36MHW00, LTG6234DT5, RBD245PDB10, RBD245PDB11, RBD245PDB12, RBD245PDB14, RBD245PDB15, RBD245PDB7, RBD245PDB8, RBD245PDB9, RBD245PDQ10, RBD245PDQ11, RBD245PDQ12, RBD245PDQ14, RBD245PDQ15, RBD245PDQ7, RBD245PDQ8, RBD245PDQ9, RBD245PDS12, RBD245PDS14, RBD245PDS15, RBD245PDT10, RBD245PDT11, RBD245PDT12, RBD245PDT14, RBD245PDT15, RBD245PDT8, RBD245PDT9, RBD245PRB00, RBD245PRQ00, RBD245PRS00, RBD245PRS01, RBD245PRT00, RBD275PDB10, RBD275PDB11, RBD275PDB12, RBD275PDB13, RBD275PDB14, RBD275PDB15, RBD275PDB7, RBD275PDB8, RBD275PDB9, RBD275PDQ10, RBD275PDQ11, RBD275PDQ12, RBD275PDQ13, RBD275PDQ14, RBD275PDQ15, RBD275PDQ7, RBD275PDQ8, RBD275PDQ9, RBD275PDS12, RBD275PDS14, RBD275PDS15, RBD275PDT10, RBD275PDT11, RBD275PDT12, RBD275PDT13, RBD275PDT14, RBD275PDT15, RBD275PDT8, RBD275PDT9, RBD275PRB00, RBD275PRQ00, RBD275PRS00, RBD275PRS01, RBD275PRT00, RBD276PDB10, RBD276PDB11, RBD276PDB12, RBD276PDB7, RBD276PDB8, RBD276PDB9, RBD276PDQ10, RBD276PDQ11, RBD276PDQ12, RBD276PDQ7, RBD276PDQ8, RBD276PDQ9, RBD277PDB1, RBD277PDB2, RBD277PDB4, RBD277PDQ1, RBD277PDQ2, RBD277PDQ4, RBD305PDB10, RBD305PDB11, RBD305PDB12, RBD305PDB13, RBD305PDB14, RBD305PDB15, RBD305PDB7, RBD305PDB8, RBD305PDB9, RBD305PDQ10, RBD305PDQ11, RBD305PDQ12, RBD305PDQ13, RBD305PDQ14, RBD305PDQ15, RBD305PDQ7, RBD305PDQ8, RBD305PDQ9, RBD305PDS12, RBD305PDS14, RBD305PDS15, RBD305PDT11, RBD305PDT12, RBD305PDT13, RBD305PDT14, RBD305PDT15, RBD305PRB00, RBD305PRQ00, RBD305PRS00, RBD305PRT00, RBD306PDB10, RBD306PDB11, RBD306PDB12, RBD306PDB13, RBD306PDB14, RBD306PDB15, RBD306PDB7, RBD306PDB8, RBD306PDB9, RBD306PDQ10, RBD306PDQ11, RBD306PDQ12, RBD306PDQ13, RBD306PDQ14, RBD306PDQ15, RBD306PDQ7, RBD306PDQ8, RBD306PDQ9, RBD306PDT11, RBD306PDT12, RBD306PDT13, RBD306PDT14, RBD306PDT15, RBD306PDZ10, RBD306PDZ7, RBD306PDZ8, RBD306PDZ9, YGBD307PDQ6, YGBD307PDB7, YGBD307PDQ7

Note, The text for this article was taken directly from a recent post on

WB27K5040 Conversion Kit – JTP10 JTP11 JTP13 JTP14 JTP15 Series GE Built-In Double Ovens

A vast majority of the time, no longer available  electronic controllers can be rebuilt to function like new.    In some cases, these obsolete controllers have so much damage that a rebuild is not feasible.   Don’t worry, there is still another option to avoid a costly appliance purchase. can modify your front panel to accommodate a new controller!  This blog illustrates the minor wiring modifications that are needed for some common GE controllers.

Parts:  WB27K5040, WB27K5190, WB27K5195, WB27K5123, WB27X5584, WB27K5054, WB27X5572, WB12K005, WB12K006, WB27K5073, WB27X5482


WB27K5040 Conversion Kit – JTP10 JTP11 JTP13 JTP14 JTP15 Series GE Built-In Double Ovens

WB27K5040 Conversion Kit – JTP10 JTP11 JTP13 JTP14 JTP15 Series GE Built-In Double Ovens

Thats it, follow the illustration above and you will be cooking in no time!  Remember for a all your electronic control board problems.

Dead Whirlpool? Built-In Oven 2DLSQ KAWE6 KEBI2 KEBS2 Series – No Beeps or Light

Another troubleshooting tip from :

Dead Whirlpool Board?  Look like this?  If so, continue.

Whirlpool Control Board

8301924, 8301924, 4451986 Built In Oven Controller

Relevant Boards: 4448871, 8301924, 4451986


Since these control boards get a full functional test before leaving your facility, the unresponsive/dead control board is probably due to the transformer.  With an AC meter, this can easily be checked at the P17 / P800 10 pin connector.   The referred connector is the one shown below that is connected to the transformer:

P19 or P800 10 Pin Molex Connector

P19 or P800 10 Pin Molex Connector on Side of Board

Simply check the following voltages with your meter in AC mode.  The voltages are specified on the transformer.  If any of the secondary voltages (not black and white wires that should be 120V) are zero, you need a new transformer.

Black to White – 120Volts AC.  This is the input to the transformer so if this is bad, the problem may not be the transformer.  The input power going to P15

Brown to Brown – 25Volts AC

Yellow to Yellow – 23Volts AC

Purple to Purple – 7Volts AC

It is written on the transformer:

Common Whirlpool Transformer 9760589

Transformer for 4448871, 8301924, 4451986

In summary:

-If the the high voltage (120V on black and white) is zero then the input power into the board (check your wiring diagram) needs to be checked.

-If any of the low voltage measurements (less than 30V) are zero, replace the transformer and you should be good.

-If the input power to the board is 120V but the black and white 120V wires on the transformer are zero, the board is the problem.

Hope this helps.  If you are confident that the board is the issue, these can be fixed quickly and reliable at

Temperature Control Problems and F2,F3,F1 error codes with Whirlpool Series RB160 RB170 RS675 Built-In Ovens

If your oven has a controller that looks like this and has erratic temperature control issues, it is very likely a problem with the controller.  At we commonly get questions regarding these controllers.

The electronic controllers can be referred to as any of the following: 3169255, 3169256, 3169257, 3169258,  3169259,  3182391, 3182392, 3184943


When the  temperature is erratic and the oven frequently has trouble reaching temperature, even an experienced tech may have difficulty troubleshooting.  It is difficult to nail down because once the temperature control circuit begins to fail, you will see heating elements not coming on or staying on too long at random times.  This can also lead to F1,F2 or F3 errors.  The good news is that any of these controllers can be rebuild quickly and reliably with a  success rate that is over 95%.

List of Whirlpool model numbers:

WPLRM770PXAB0, RB160PXBB0, RB160PXBB1, RB160PXBB2, RB160PXBQ0, RB160PXYB0, RB160PXYB2, RB160PXYB3,  RB160PXYB4,  RB160PXYQ0,  RB160PXYQ2,  RB160PXYQ3,  RB160PXYQ4, RB160PXYQ6,  RB170AM,  RB170PXBB, RS6755xyn, RB760PXB, RB270PXYB, RB260PXYB, RB260PXBB2,  RB270PXYB, RB260PXBQ2, RB770PXBB1, RB770PXYB, RB770PXYB5, RS696PXBB2,  RM765PXAB0, RM770PXBB2, RF396PXYN, RFB260PXBQ2, RF385PXYQ1,


Whirlpool GC3 GC5 JCB JCD KBL KBR KSB KSC KSS Series – Electronic Control Board Solution announced board repair for the following JennAir, Whirlpool,Kenmore,Maytag and KitchenAid refrigerator model series:


Common problems when board begins to fail:

  • No Defrost

  • No Ice

  • Not Cold Enough

  • No Lights or Erratic Dimming

  • Evaporator Fan Not Spinning

  • Condenser Fan Not Spinning

  • Compressor will not turn on

So if your fridge has a bad control board that looks like the picture below, relax, can rebuild it.


Common Whirlpool Fridge Controller Green Style


Common Whirlpool Fridge Controller (Tan Style)

Partnumbers for Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Jenn Air Fridges:

2221536 , 4389211 , 4389242 , 2252161 , 2254740 , 2252096 , 2221060 , 2252159 , 2215946 , 2221501 , 2221522 , 2252071 , 2252095 , 2252097 , 2254739 , 8201521 , W10219463 , 2307028 , W10185291 , 2307005 , 2303934 , 2252111 , 2223443, W10219462, W10121049, 2304135.

Complete Model Numbers which use this board:

10641522500, 10641523500, 10641524500, 10641529500, 10644022600, 10644022601, 10644022602, 10644022603, 10644023600, 10644023601, 10644023602, 10644023603, 10644024600, 10644029600, 10644029601, 10644029602, 10644029603, 10644032600, 10644032601, 10644032602, 10644032603, 10644033600, 10644033601, 10644033602, 10644033603, 10644034600, 10644039600, 10644039601, 10644039602, 10644039603, 10644322400, 10644323400, 10644324400, 10644329400, 10644422600, 10644422601, 10644422602, 10644422603, 10644423600, 10644423601, 10644423602, 10644423603, 10644424600, 10644424601, 10644424602, 10644424603, 10644429600, 10644429601, 10644429602, 10644429603, 10644432600, 10644432601, 10644432602, 10644432603, 10644433600, 10644433601, 10644433602, 10644433603, 10644434600, 10644434601, 10644434602, 10644434603, 10644439600, 10644439601, 10644439602, 10644439603, EC3JHAXRL00, EC3JHAXRL01, EC3JHAXRS00, EC3JHAXRS01, GC3NHAXSB00, GC3NHAXSQ00, GC3NHAXST00, GC3NHAXSY00, GC3NHAXVA00, GC3NHAXVA01, GC3NHAXVB00, GC3NHAXVB01, GC3NHAXVQ00, GC3NHAXVQ01, GC3NHAXVS00, GC3NHAXVS01, GC3NHAXVY00, GC3NHAXVY01, GC3PHEXNB00, GC3PHEXNB01, GC3PHEXNB02, GC3PHEXNB03, GC3PHEXNQ00, GC3PHEXNQ01, GC3PHEXNQ02, GC3PHEXNQ03, GC3PHEXNS00, GC3PHEXNS01, GC3PHEXNS02, GC3PHEXNS03, GC3PHEXNT00, GC3PHEXNT01, GC3PHEXNT02, GC3PHEXNT03, GC3SHEXNB00, GC3SHEXNB01, GC3SHEXNB02, GC3SHEXNB03, GC3SHEXNB04, GC3SHEXNQ00, GC3SHEXNQ01, GC3SHEXNQ02, GC3SHEXNQ03, GC3SHEXNQ04, GC3SHEXNS00, GC3SHEXNS01, GC3SHEXNS02, GC3SHEXNS03, GC3SHEXNS04, GC3SHEXNT00, GC3SHEXNT01, GC3SHEXNT02, GC3SHEXNT03, GC3SHEXNT04, GC5NHAXSB00, GC5NHAXSB01, GC5NHAXSB02, GC5NHAXSB03, GC5NHAXSQ00, GC5NHAXSQ01, GC5NHAXSQ02, GC5NHAXSQ03, GC5NHAXST00, GC5NHAXST01, GC5NHAXST02, GC5NHAXST03, GC5NHAXSY00, GC5NHAXSY01, GC5NHAXSY02, GC5NHAXSY03, GC5NHAXVB00, GC5NHAXVB01, GC5NHAXVQ00, GC5NHAXVQ01, GC5NHAXVS00, GC5NHAXVS01, GC5NHAXVY00, GC5NHAXVY01, GC5SHEXNB00, GC5SHEXNB01, GC5SHEXNB02, GC5SHEXNB03, GC5SHEXNB04, GC5SHEXNB05, GC5SHEXNQ00, GC5SHEXNQ01, GC5SHEXNQ02, GC5SHEXNQ03, GC5SHEXNQ04, GC5SHEXNQ05, GC5SHEXNS00, GC5SHEXNS01, GC5SHEXNS02, GC5SHEXNS03, GC5SHEXNS04, GC5SHEXNS05, GC5SHEXNT00, GC5SHEXNT01, GC5SHEXNT02, GC5SHEXNT03, GC5SHEXNT04, GC5SHEXNT05, GC5THEXNB00, GC5THEXNB01, GC5THEXNB02, GC5THEXNB03, GC5THEXNQ00, GC5THEXNQ01, GC5THEXNQ02, GC5THEXNQ03, GC5THEXNS00, GC5THEXNS01, GC5THEXNS02, GC5THEXNS03, GC5THEXNT00, GC5THEXNT01, GC5THEXNT02, GC5THEXNT03, JCB2488MTR00, JCB2581WES00, JCB2582WEF00, JCB2582WEY00, JCB2585WEP00, JCB2585WEP01, JCB2585WES00, JCB2585WES01, JCB2587WEF00, JCB2587WEY00, JCB2588WER00, JCD2395WES00, JCD2395WES01, JCD2395WES02, JCD2591WES00, JCD2595WEK00, JCD2595WEK01, JCD2595WEP00, JCD2595WEP01, JCD2595WES00, JCD2595WES01, KBLC36FMS01, KBLC36FMS02, KBLO36FMX01, KBLO36FMX02, KBLP36FMS02, KBLS36FMB01, KBLS36FMB02, KBLS36FMX01, KBLS36FMX02, KBLV36FPM01, KBLV36FPM02, KBLV36FPS01, KBLV36FPS02, KBRC36FMS01, KBRC36FMS02, KBRO36FMX01, KBRO36FMX02, KBRP36FMS01, KBRP36FMS02, KBRS36FMB01, KBRS36FMB02, KBRS36FMX01, KBRS36FMX02, KBRV36FPM01, KBRV36FPM02, KBRV36FPS01, KBRV36FPS02, KBUDT4265E04, KBURT3665E01, KSBP23INSS00, KSBP23INSS01, KSBP25INSS00, KSBP25INSS01, KSBP25INSS02, KSBP25INSS03, KSBP25IVSS00, KSBP25IVSS01, KSBS23INBL00, KSBS23INBL01, KSBS23INBT00, KSBS23INBT01, KSBS23INSS00, KSBS23INSS01, KSBS23INWH00, KSBS23INWH01, KSBS25INBL00, KSBS25INBL01, KSBS25INBL02, KSBS25INBL03, KSBS25INBT00, KSBS25INBT01, KSBS25INBT02, KSBS25INBT03, KSBS25INSS00, KSBS25INSS01, KSBS25INSS02, KSBS25INSS03, KSBS25INWH00, KSBS25INWH01, KSBS25INWH02, KSBS25INWH03, KSBS25IVBL00, KSBS25IVBL01, KSBS25IVSS00, KSBS25IVSS01, KSBS25IVWH00, KSBS25IVWH01, KSCS23FSBL00, KSCS23FSBL01, KSCS23FSBL02, KSCS23FSBL03, KSCS23FSBT00, KSCS23FSBT01, KSCS23FSBT02, KSCS23FSBT03, KSCS23FSMS00, KSCS23FSMS01, KSCS23FSMS02, KSCS23FSMS03, KSCS23FSSS02, KSCS23FSSS03, KSCS23FSWH00, KSCS23FSWH01, KSCS23FSWH02, KSCS23FSWH03, KSCS23FTBL00, KSCS23FTBL01, KSCS23FTBL02, KSCS23FTBT00, KSCS23FTBT01, KSCS23FTBT02, KSCS23FTMS00, KSCS23FTMS01, KSCS23FTMS02, KSCS23FTSS00, KSCS23FTSS01, KSCS23FTSS02, KSCS23FTWH00, KSCS23FTWH01, KSCS23FTWH02, KSCS23FVBL00, KSCS23FVBL01, KSCS23FVBL02, KSCS23FVBL03, KSCS23FVMK00, KSCS23FVMK01, KSCS23FVMK02, KSCS23FVMK03, KSCS23FVMS00, KSCS23FVMS01, KSCS23FVMS02, KSCS23FVMS03, KSCS23FVSS00, KSCS23FVSS01, KSCS23FVSS02, KSCS23FVSS03, KSCS23FVWH00, KSCS23FVWH01, KSCS23FVWH02, KSCS23FVWH03, KSCS23INBL00, KSCS23INBL01, KSCS23INBL02, KSCS23INBL03, KSCS23INBT00, KSCS23INBT01, KSCS23INBT02, KSCS23INBT03, KSCS23INMS00, KSCS23INMS01, KSCS23INMS02, KSCS23INMS03, KSCS23INSS00, KSCS23INSS01, KSCS23INSS02, KSCS23INSS03, KSCS23INWH00, KSCS23INWH01, KSCS23INWH02, KSCS23INWH03, KSCS25FSBL00, KSCS25FSBL01, KSCS25FSBL02, KSCS25FSBL03, KSCS25FSBT00, KSCS25FSBT01, KSCS25FSBT02, KSCS25FSBT03, KSCS25FSMS00, KSCS25FSMS01, KSCS25FSMS02, KSCS25FSMS03, KSCS25FSSS01, KSCS25FSSS02, KSCS25FSSS03, KSCS25FSWH00, KSCS25FSWH01, KSCS25FSWH02, KSCS25FSWH03, KSCS25FTBL00, KSCS25FTBL01, KSCS25FTBL02, KSCS25FTBT00, KSCS25FTBT01, KSCS25FTBT02, KSCS25FTMK00, KSCS25FTMK01, KSCS25FTMK02, KSCS25FTMS00, KSCS25FTMS01, KSCS25FTMS02, KSCS25FTSS00, KSCS25FTSS01, KSCS25FTSS02, KSCS25FTWH00, KSCS25FTWH01, KSCS25FTWH02, KSCS25FVBL00, KSCS25FVBL01, KSCS25FVBL02, KSCS25FVBL03, KSCS25FVBT00, KSCS25FVBT01, KSCS25FVBT02, KSCS25FVBT03, KSCS25FVMK00, KSCS25FVMK01, KSCS25FVMK02, KSCS25FVMK03, KSCS25FVMS00, KSCS25FVMS01, KSCS25FVMS02, KSCS25FVMS03, KSCS25FVSS00, KSCS25FVSS01, KSCS25FVSS02, KSCS25FVSS03, KSCS25FVWH00, KSCS25FVWH01, KSCS25FVWH02, KSCS25FVWH03, KSCS25INBL00, KSCS25INBL01, KSCS25INBL02, KSCS25INBL03, KSCS25INBT00, KSCS25INBT01, KSCS25INBT02, KSCS25INBT03, KSCS25INMS00, KSCS25INMS01, KSCS25INMS02, KSCS25INMS03, KSCS25INSS00, KSCS25INSS01, KSCS25INSS02, KSCS25INSS03, KSCS25INWH00, KSCS25INWH01, KSCS25INWH02, KSCS25INWH03, KSCS25MSMS00, KSCS25MSMS01, KSCS25MTMK00, KSCS25MTMK01, KSCS25MTMS00, KSCS25MTMS01, KSCS25MVMK00, KSCS25MVMS00, KSSC36FMS01, KSSC36FMS02, KSSC36FMS03, KSSC36QMS01, KSSC36QMS02, KSSC36QMS03, KSSC42FMS01, KSSC42FMS02, KSSC42FMS03, KSSC42QMS01, KSSC42QMS02, KSSC42QMS03, KSSC42QMU01, KSSC48FMS01, KSSC48FMS02, KSSC48FMS03, KSSC48QMS01, KSSC48QMS02, KSSC48QMS03, KSSO36FMX01, KSSO36FMX02, KSSO36FMX03, KSSO36QMB01, KSSO36QMB02, KSSO36QMB03, KSSO36QMW01, KSSO36QMX02, KSSO42FMX01, KSSO42FMX02, KSSO42FMX03, KSSO42QMB01, KSSO42QMB02, KSSO42QMB03, KSSO42QMW01, KSSO42QMX01, KSSO42QMX02, KSSO48FMX01, KSSO48FMX02, KSSO48FMX03, KSSO48QMB01, KSSO48QMB02, KSSO48QMB03, KSSO48QMW01, KSSO48QMX02, KSSP36QMS01, KSSP36QMS02, KSSP36QMS03, KSSP42QMS01, KSSP42QMS02, KSSP42QMS03, KSSP48QMS01, KSSP48QMS02, KSSP48QMS03, KSSS36FMB01, KSSS36FMB02, KSSS36FMX01, KSSS36FMX02, KSSS36FMX03, KSSS36QMB01, KSSS36QMB02, KSSS36QMB03, KSSS36QMW01, KSSS36QMW02, KSSS36QMW03, KSSS36QMX01, KSSS36QMX02, KSSS36QMX03, KSSS42FMB01, KSSS42FMB02, KSSS42FMX01, KSSS42FMX02, KSSS42FMX03, KSSS42QMB01, KSSS42QMB02, KSSS42QMB03, KSSS42QMW01, KSSS42QMW02, KSSS42QMW03, KSSS42QMX01, KSSS42QMX02, KSSS42QMX03, KSSS48FMB01, KSSS48FMB02, KSSS48FMX01, KSSS48FMX02, KSSS48FMX03, KSSS48FMXO3, KSSS48QMB01, KSSS48QMB02, KSSS48QMB03, KSSS48QMW01, KSSS48QMW02, KSSS48QMW03, KSSS48QMX01, KSSS48QMX02, KSSS48QMX03, KSSV42FMM00, KSSV42FMM01, KSSV42FMM02, KSSV42FMS00, KSSV42FMS01, KSSV42FMS02

Turn-time, warranty and rebuild quality is the focus of  So if you hear NLA (no longer available) or obsolete, there is a quick high quality solution.

Full List of Garland Controllers That are Serviceable by

Here is the latest list of part numbers that are rebuildable by Also listed are the model numbers. If you don’t see you part number or model number, no sweat, there is a simple rule: If its a Garland oven with a digital controller, we can help!

Electronic Digital Garland Control Views - All repairable

The most common problems that are fixed after a rebuild:

  • F1 error code
  • F3 error code
  • F6 error code
  • Erratic temperature control
  • Blank screen
  • Jumpy digits when using the rotary knobs
Part Number Models
1517700, 1517701 Models: UCO-G-5 series, LM301
1517702, 1517703,1544800 Models: ECO-G-10, ECO-G-20, ICO-G-10, ICO-G-20 series
1517704, 1517705,1517706,1517707,1544801 Models: IC0-E-10 , ICO-E-20, ECO-E-10, ECO-E-20 series, Picadilly , Land Mark
1933801, 1933701,4521705,4521282, 4515873 Models: MP-ES, MP-ED, MP-GS, MP-GD series
1025299 Models: PaceSetter EC-I-36, EC-II-36, EC-I-42, EC-II-42, GC-I-36,GC-II-36,GC-I-42,GC-II-42 series
1025204,1034199, 1244705, 1285601 Models: Trendsetter ovens TE3, TE4, TTE3, TTE4, TE3/4-x, TTE3/4-X, TE3/4ECH, TTE3/4ECH series
1025204, 1244704 Models: TG2A convection series
1285700 Models: TG3,TG4,TTG3,TTG4
1905701 Models: Sunfire SDG-1 and SGD-2
1025204,1244705 Models: TE2A Half Size
1905601 Models: KFC MCO-G-5K

So don’t let expensive or obsolete electronics slow you down. can help today!

Before replacing WR55X10942 – A Very Quick and Simple Measurement that May Solve Your Intermittent GE Refrigerator Problem

A Very Quick and Simple Measurement that May Solve Your Intermittent GE Refrigerator Problem

[ This article was originally posted at where you will find other articles of interest ]

At we repair a lot of GE fridge control boards with various component failures but there is one failure mode that we see often. This turns out to be responsible for a variety of seemingly random intermittent fridge problems that tend to be very hard to diagnose. Well, we came up with a very simple tool and procedure to isolate this problem on-site. It only requires one measurement with a DVM, nothing needs to be disconnected from the controller, only the control board cover panel need be removed.

Here I will describe the problem, how to construct this simple tool for about $3 and 10 minutes of your time, and how to make the measurement. This applies to the wide range of control board part numbers that look similar to this: Typical GE Motherboard

First: The Problem and The Test Strategy

The motherboard contains a 13.5 Vdc power supply that powers the relays, fans, dampers, etc as well as power to the temperature control board and dispenser board. There is a frequently occuring component failure that causes this power supply to still work fine under light loads, but lose its regulation ability under heavier loads. So suddenly, depending on the state of the fridge and what devices the motherboard is trying to energize, things go from working fine to … not so good … or major failure.

The test strategy is to make a voltage measurement on the connector (J4, pins 2-3) that supplies 13.5 Vdc to the other boards, AND TO DO SO UNDER FULL LOAD.

Next: The Test Load Device

Measure the voltage with a 25 ohm/10W shunt load to ferret out the problem (keep reading to see how to make the shunt load). A good board will see less than a few tenths Volt droop on this supply under load. A defective board will see a large drop in voltage (several Volts) when applying the load.

To be clear: If you see a supply voltage less than about 13.3 Volts under this condition then the motherboard has a problem. If the supply holds up under load, then the supply is good, but there could still be other problems with the motherboard. In a future blog I will deal with this. This is a quick NO-GO test.

If you think the supply may be bad but it’s not obvious, then also do a no-load measurement to check the difference. There should less than a few hundred millivolts difference between no-load and full load.

How to Contruct the Test Load

Here we build a 25 ohm, 10 Watt shunt load that plugs into the standard 3/4 inch spaced banana jacks on most DVMs. (OK, not all DVMs use this standard jack spacing, in which case you can add some short banana patch cords, or get a better meter). Following is a sequence of images showing how to construct the load, along with part numbers from

Last: Where to Measure

Backprobe connector J4 as shown below (the 2nd and 3rd pins from the edge). This is the 13.5 Vdc power supply to the other boards.


  • Backprobe the 13.5 Vdc supply on the connector J4, between pins 2 and 3 without the test load
  • Record the actual voltage (usually around 13.5 to 13.6 V)
  • Plug in the test shunt load between your meter and probes
  • Backprobe the same points and record the voltage under load
  • If you see more than a few tenths of a volt drop under load, then the motherboard has a problem
  • We can repair the control board for you at

Whirlpool RM278, RM288 series with common failures (Blanking display, F1, F2 and F3 errors, random resetting and beeping)

3148270, 3148271, 3148272, 3148273, 3148274, 3148275 are common control boards that have been showing up at   They fit into the following model numbers:  RM288PXS0, RM288PXV4, RM288PXV5,  RM288PXV6,  RM288PXV7,  RM278BXS0,  RM278BXV0,  RM278BXV2,  RM278BXV4,  RM278BXV5, RM278BXV6 ,RM278BXV7.  There are slight variations in color and functionality, but they are similar to the following:

The common failures are blanking display, random clock resets, F1, F2, F2 errors, and beeping/chirping noises.    No worries, all these symptoms can be repaired.  There is no reason to buy new as the warranty on refurbished timers is longer that a new.  Contact for more information.

Rebuild Jennair Control Boards, FC Code, Models JEW8 JEW9 JJW8 JJW9 SCE30 SCE43 SCE70 SVD48

Do you have a control board issue on your Jennair oven model Series ACB62 JEW85 JEW95 JJW85 JJW86 JJW95 MEW66 SCE30 SCE43 SCE70 SVD48 or SVE47 ?  No problem can fix these time at a fraction of the “buy new” cost.  Send the display board and relays boards together for a discounted rate.  This includes rebuild, return shipping and a two year warranty for the display board and relay boards.

Some common control board symptoms are:

  • Dim Display
  • FC error code
  • Oven not controlling temperature correctly
  • Oven does not heat
  • Fan or Light Stays On (sometimes this is the keypad on single ovens)
  • Loor lock problems

This applies to the following part numbers: 71001799, 71003424, 71002331, 74006612, 71002594, 12001691, 12001693, 71001977, 12001690A, 71001872.

This applies to the following models:  ACB6260AB ACB6260AS ACB6260AW ACB6280AS MEW6627BAB MEW6627BAC MEW6627BAQ MEW6627BAS MEW6627BAW MEW6627CAS SCE30600B SCE30600BC SCE30600W SCE4320B SCE4320W SCE4340B SCE4340BC JEW8527AAB JEW8527AAW JEW8530AAB JEW8530AAW JEW9527AAB JEW9527AAW JEW9530AAB JEW9530AAS JEW9530AAW JJW8527AAB SCE30500B SCE30500W SCE30600WC SVE47100B SVE47100BC SVE47100W SVE47500B SVE47500W SVE47600B JJW8527CAB JJW8527CAS JJW8527CAW JJW8627CAB JJW8627CAS JJW8627CAW JJW9527CAB JJW9527CAQ JJW9527CAS JJW9527CAW SCE70600B SCE70600W SVD48600B SVD48600PF SVD48600PG SVD48600PK SVD48600PR SVD48600PT