Cross-Compatibility Reference for Common Oven Control Board Part Numbers

Manufacturers and appliance parts dealers have multiple part numbers for each electronic control board in your home range/ovens.  If you’re looking to get one of these parts or have it repaired by this PCB repair company, it will be helpful to know all of the different part numbers applicable to your unit.  Fortunately for you, we are providing this handy reference chart for the most common oven control boards coming through our lab…see below.


Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds


Oven Control Board Part Numbers Compatibility Reference Table

PART NUMBERAlternative Part Numbers
8302319W10406070, 8301917, 8302152, 8302319R, 2025673, AH3497633, AP5272198,EA3497633, PS3497633
2307028W10219463, AP4411082, 2252111, 2223443, 2303934, 2307005, W10185291, 1548001, AH2360723, EA2360723, PS2360723
44528908302967, AP3767567, 4451991, 4451856, 4452898, 4453664, 4453664, 1057546, AH973354, EA973354, PS973354
WB27K5048AP2025104, 346514, WB27K5119, WB27K5119
44519918302967, AP3767567, 4451856, 4452890, 4452898, 4453664, 4453664, 1057546, AH973354, EA973354, PS973354
44536648302967, AP3767567, 4451991, 4451856, 4452890, 4452898, 1057546, AH973354, EA973354, PS973354
W10219463AP4411082, 2307028, 2252111, 2223443, 2303934, 2307005, W10185291, 1548001, AH2360723, EA2360723, PS2360723
WB27K5107WB27K5140, AP2025145, WB27K5162, WB27K5107, WB27K5140, WB27K5162
44528988302967, AP3767567, 4451991, 4451856, 4452890, 4453664, 4453664, 1057546, AH973354, EA973354, PS973354
8303883W10340941, AP4909214, W10244191, 8303817, 8303883R, 1877910, AH3489770, EA3489770, PS3489770
14-33-347486752, AP2836528, 35-00-571, 487604, 35-00-751
WB27K5195AP2025167, WB27K5170, WB27K5195
W10121049W10219462, AP4429562, 2304135, 1548000, AH2360722, EA2360722, PS2360722
486752AP2836528, 14-33-347, 35-00-571, 487604, 35-00-751
8302967AP3767567, 4451991, 4451856, 4452890, 4452898, 4453664, 4453664, 1057546, AH973354, EA973354, PS973354
2252159AP3772918, 2221501, 2221522, 2215946, 2254739, 2254739, 2252071, 8201521, 2252097, 2252095
492069AP3383664, 14-38-903, 16-10-660, 35-00-760, 431463, 486329, 486792, 00491433, 491433
WB27K5046AP2025102, WB27K5116, WB27K5116
Y0315570AP3970755, 0315570
WB27K5140AP2025145, WB27K5107, WB27K5162, WB27K5107, WB27K5162
4452242AP3030378, 4452242R
4448876AP2929179, 4448876R
318010700AP2127072, 499452, AH440925, EA440925, PS440925
31944801AP4041311, 0315569, Y0315569, Y0315569, W10171687
7601P214-60AP382957, 7601P214-60R, W10125294,, AP4103856, 879478
7601P432-60AP4009450, 12001620, 74002006, 74002007, 74002966, 74002967, 74002968, 400597, 74002006, 74002967, 74002007, 74002966, 74002968
44519864453661, AP3175498, 4453165, 4453135, 4452904, 4453379, 939594, AH731496, EA731496, PS731496
WB12K005WB27T10083, AP2632694, WB12K10, WB12K12, WB12K5, WB12K0010, WB12K0012
WB19X266AP2022869, 342146
7601P233-60AP4102875, 4381514, 709272, AH2090625, EA2090625, PS2090625
WB27K5210AP2025174, WB27K5120, WB27K5121, WB27K5121
8301917W10406070, AP5272198, 8302319, 8302152, 8302319R, 2025673, AH3497633, EA3497633, PS3497633
Y04100264AP4283511, 04100264, 704729, 04100264R, 7-4729, Y704729, 1242523, AH1754947, EA1754947, PS1754947, Y04100264R, Y704729
7601P510-60AP4283511, 04100264, 704729, 04100264R, 7-4729, Y704729, 1242523, AH1754947, EA1754947, PS1754947, Y04100264R, Y704729
44528928186024, AP3177932, 4453193, 4452900, 961211, AH734569, EA734569, PS734569
44529008186024, AP3177932, 4453193, 4452892, 961211, AH734569, EA734569, PS734569
3169256-A3169258, AP3095479, 3182391
2307028HW10219463, AP4411082, 2252111, 2223443, 2303934, 2307005, W10185291, 1548001, AH2360723, EA2360723, PS2360723
62692AP3390975, 701002, 755676, 82983, 82759, 82382
3169257-A3169259, AP3095480, 3182392

F1 Error Code in Whirlpool RB160, RB260, RB270, RB770, RF396, RM765, RM770, RS675, RS696 Series Ovens and Thermador RDDS30, RDF30, RDFS30, RDSS30, RED30, REF30, RES30, RSS30 Series Ovens

This article refers to a specific problem we’ve been encountering with two different types of oven control boards – the relevant model and part numbers can be found at the end of the article.

These control boards can throw F1 error codes in response to a variety of failures.  Often, these error codes are the result of bad power supply or logic control circuits that can be repaired at Repair Facility.  However, we have been finding that even after a control board is rebuilt and passes a full function test, it still throws F1 when reinstalled in the original oven.  How can this be?

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

It turns out that these control boards connect to the platinum temperature sensing rods through wire nuts.  The connection in the wire nut is going high resistance, which causes the control board to think the oven cavity is over temperature…resulting in an F1 overheat error code.  This connection seems especially susceptible to temperature change as well, so this problem is especially apparent as you start heating the oven.

So, if you’ve had your board rebuilt by Repair Facility or recently got the board replaced, and you’ve replaced the temperature sensor, but you’re still getting an F1, inspect these wire nuts!  The easiest way to find the wire nuts will be to follow the wiring with your hand (make sure the breaker is off) from the temperature sensor (or from the board if you know which wires go to the sensor).

You will likely find that the wiring inside the nut has rusted/corroded.  We recommend you cut off the already exposed portions of the wire and strip some insulation off, allowing “fresh” wire to be reconnected in a new wire nut.

Remember to have all your control board needs handled at Repair Facility!


Part Numbers: 14-33-347, 3169256, 3169257, 3169258, 3169259, 486752


F1, F2, F3 Errors With Whirlpool Series 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610 Built-In Ovens

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

This write-up is brought to you by A PCB REPAIR COMPANY.

Does this board look familiar?  The different part number variations are:  4453701, 4452892, 8301345, 8301465, 4453193, 4452900, 8186024, 8303885, W10340935, 8301919

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

This board type if often sent in to PCB repair companies.  Even more often, we get a question regarding error codes and how to determine if the controller is at fault. Well, every case is a little different, but these are the 4 most common error types that we see.  3 out of the 4 usually mean the controller is the culprit.    The common models that this applies to are 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610:  The most common are:

F1 / E1, E2, E3,E4, E5  – Control Board needs to be rebuilt/replaced

F3/ E0, F3/E2  – These are temperature sense problems.  Usually this means the board has a problem, but check you temperature sensor at room temperature.  If it is about 1080 ohms, the temperature sensor is good and the problem lies with the control board.  Send it in.

F5/E1  -Door latch will not lock.  This means the controller tried to lock the door during a self test, but it stayed un-locked.  Check the door lock motor and switches, but usually, this is the control board with the problem.

F2/E1 – “Keypad keytail not connected” –  Check the connection from the plastic keypad panel to the control board.  If it is snug, the problem is with the plastic touchpad, not the control board.


This board set is commonly seen in the following model numbers : GBS277PDB5, GBS277PDB6, GBS277PDB7, GBS277PDB8, GBS277PDQ5, GBS277PDQ6, GBS277PDQ7, GBS277PDQ8, GBS277PDS5, GBS277PDS6, 8RBS245PDQ1, GBS277PDB3, GBS277PDB4, GBS277PDQ3, GBS277PDQ4, GBS277PDS3, GBS277PDS4, GBS277PDT3, GBS307PDB3, GBS307PDB4, RBS275PDB13, RBS275PDQ13, RBS275PDT13, RS610PXGV7, RS610PXGW7, GBS277PRB01, GBS277PRQ01, GBS277PRS01, GBS277PRS02, GBS307PRB01, GBS307PRB03, GBS307PRQ01, GBS307PRQ03, GBS307PRS01, GBS307PRS02, RBS245PRB06, RBS245PRS, RBS245PRS04, RBS245PRS06, RBS245PRT, RBS275PVQ, RBS305PVS00, RBS307PVQ00, GBS277PDB11, GBS277PDB12, GBS277PDQ11, GBS277PDQ12, GBS277PDS11, GBS277PDS12, GBS277PDT11, GBS277PDT12, GBS307PDB11, GBS307PDB12

Amana Fridge – Defrost Problems – BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Series

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

This write-up is brought to you by A PCB REPAIR COMPANY.

This Amana defrost controller is often sent in for repair.  Even more often, we get a question regarding defrost issues and how to determine if the controller is at fault.  Luckily, Amana has a test feature built in to all of the following models.  It is called “Force Defrost”.  Basically, if you open and close the door 4 times within 8 seconds the electronic controller will go into forced defrost so you can check the functionality.  Read on to get more deltails…

If you have an Amana/Maytag refrigerator series BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI or SRD, you may be experiencing some of the following problems due to a worn out adaptive defrost controller.

  • Freezing/Icing Build-Up
  • Not Maintaining Cold Temperature
  • Warm Freezer
  • Compressor not Running

These models have a defrost controller that looks like this:


Electronic Defrost Control – 12050501, 12050504, 12050505, 12050506

Part numbers 12050501, 12050504, 12050505 and  12050506 have a simple troubleshooting technique to test defrost and compressor control.  This is from the Maytag documentation:

Forced Defrost

  • To force a defrost cycle, open and close either the freezer or refrigerator door light sw itch 4 times in a 8 second period. Allow atleast 1/2 second betw een each sw itch condition.



  1.  The compressor must be operating w hen forcing defrost.
  2. The evaporator fan motor is fan delayed through the defrost thermostat and w ill not function after a defrost cycle until the defrost thermostat closes.
  3. To bypass the 6 minute dw ell time after a defrost or to terminate a forced defrost, disconnect pow er to the refrigerator for 30 seconds.

Input Voltage Readings and Checks

L1 to L2 – line voltage should be present w henever the refrigerator is powered.
K to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith cold control contacts closed.
T to L2 – line voltage should be present w hen cold control contacts are closed, defrost terminator is closed,
and adaptive defrost control is in defrost mode.
R to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith refrigerator door open (door light sw itch closed).
F to L2 – line voltage should be present w ith freezer door open (door light sw itch closed).
Outputs Voltage Readings and Checks
C to L2 – line voltage present w hen in refrigeration mode w ith cold control contacts closed.


Wiring diagram for BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Models

Wiring diagram for BBI BC2 BRF SBD SBI SRD Models



The complete list of models that have this type of deftrost control is:


Evaporator Fan Installation Kit For KSS, KSC, and other Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Kenmore/JennAir/Maytag Refrigerators

Another helpful tip from the members of a PCB repair shop!


There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the installation process of a new evaporator fan motor for these KitchenAid (and other Whirlpool Corp.) refrigerators.  Whirlpool provides one replacement kit that is applicable to three different style of refrigerators.  Depending on which style refrigerator you have, you may or may not have to use one of the two jumper harnesses included in the kit to connect the fan motor to the main control board.

Skip to the end of this post to read the installation instructions published by Whirlpool Corp…

BUT, we can sum it up for you in a much clearer fashion:


2) Remove the original fan motor. Disconnect the fan motor from the jumper wiring harness that goes to the main control board, but leave this jumper harness in place.  Whirlpool suggests using a flat head screwdriver to unlock the plug, as it is fragile and can break.

3) Install the new fan motor where the old one used to be.

4) Depending on which style of refrigerator you have, you may or may not need to connect the motor to the control board via one of the two jumper wiring harnesses included in the kit:

Built-in with bottom Freezer

Plain Jumper Harness for Built-in Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer

Add this harness between the original one and the new fan motor.
Counter Depth

Jumper Harness with Defrost Bi-metal for Counter Depth Refigerators

Remove the original bi-metal jumper harness and replace it with this new one.
Built-in Side by SideNONE. Simply, use the original jumper harness that was already in the refrigerator.

The installation kit should have include a black dot sticker.  After the fan motor replacement is complete, apply this sticker to the right of the main power ON/OFF switch behind the upper grille in the machine compartment.

Restore power to your fridge and everything should be good to go.  Remember, get your refrigerator control board problems solved by PCB repair companies!


Original Installation Instructions Per Whirlpool Corp.:

This evaporator motor service kit is supplied with one evaporator
motor that can be used for a KitchenAid built-in bottom freezer,
KitchenAid built-in side-by-side, or Counter Depth refrigerator.
This evaporator motor service kit is also supplied with a new
jumper harness for the KitchenAid built-in bottom freezer
(Figure 1) and a new defrost bi-metal harness for the Counter
Depth refrigerators (Figure 2).

Plain Jumper Harness for Built-in Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer

Figure 1: Plain Jumper Harness for Built-in Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer

NOTE: Must remove existing harness on Counter Depth ONLY
and replace with harness in the kit

If the evaporator motor is being replaced on one of these units,
the jumper harness connected to the motor must be removed
along with the old evaporator motor.

1. Unplug the refrigerator or disconnect power.

2. Use a small flat screwdriver to unlock the plug, slight
pressure is needed to release the lock. Use care, the lock
is easily broken. The two harnesses contained in the kit
are required when the new motor is being replaced.
Replacement of the harnesses to the individual product is
needed for a proper repair and for proper operation.

Jumper Harness with Defrost Bi-metal for Counter Depth Refigerators

Figure 2: Defrost Bi-Metal Jumper Harness for Counter Depth Refigerators

3. If the product is a Counter Depth refrigerator, the old
defrost bi-metal harness connected to the evaporator fan
jumper harness must be removed. This harness contains a
9-pin connector and the defrost bi-metal. For the Counter
Depth refrigerator ONLY, replace the old defrost bi-metal
harness with the new defrost bi-metal harness contained
in the kit (Figure 2).

If the product is a KitchenAid built-in bottom freezer,
connect the jumper harness (approximately 265-mm)
contained in the kit (Figure 1) to the new evaporator fan

If the product is a KitchenAid built-in side-by-side, no
jumper harness is needed.

Figure 3: Black Dot Sticker

Figure 3: Black Dot Sticker

4. Secure all connections.

5. Replace all parts and panels.

6. Plug in refrigerator or reconnect power.

7. Perform the service diagnostic mode by pressing and
holding the Water Filter Reset key first then the Power key
and hold both for 3 seconds. Verify that in step 3 of the
service diagnostic mode, the evaporator motor receives a
green LED indicator on the display for the Counter Depth
product or “01” on the display for the KitchenAid built-in
bottom freezer and for the KitchenAid built-in side-by-side

NOTE: If the call service indicator is still flashing, press
the Over Temperature Reset key.

8. After replacement is completed, the black dot that is
included in this kit needs to be placed to the right of the
main power switch behind the upper grille in the machine
compartment. (See Figure 3.)

Dim Display on Whirlpool Built-in Oven? Check for Corroded Wire Nuts. RBD YGBD Series

Another troubleshooting tip from a PCB repair company.


A very nice lady from Houston sent us the oven controller from her Whirlpool RBD275 built-in double oven. We rebuilt and returned … then got it back a while later with a note saying the display is very dim. We powered it up on our test bench and the display looks great. After discussions w/nice lady the syptoms were: I can read the blue clock ok (but not great), I can’t read the temp display after a few seconds of starting bake.


So, long story short … wire nut connections on the main power feed to her oven are corroded … a few seconds after you push “start” the bake relay kicks in and draws high current causing the control board voltage to droop.

On the bench we hooked up a Variac (variable transformer) to test at proper and then compare to drooped voltage. You can see in the pictures that at full voltage display looks great (lower)  but with the line voltage dropped to 91V (upper) you can still read clock but the orange digits are almost gone. It’s a characteristic of the display technology (vacuum flourescent display – VFD).


It’s a good quick visual to see failing breakers and oxidized wire nuts (at least once they’re degraded enough to add about 0.5 ohms of resistance to power feed).

Simulated affect of voltage drop across faulty wire-nuts

Simulated effect of voltage drop across faulty wire-nuts

Part numbers:

4451856, 4451991, 4452890, 4452898, 4453664, 8301345, 8301908, 8301917, 8302319, 8302967, 8303817, 8303883, 4451992, 4452891, 8302966.

Model Numbers:

GBD277PDB09, GBD277PDB10, GBD277PDB2, GBD277PDB3, GBD277PDB4, GBD277PDB5, GBD277PDB6, GBD277PDB7, GBD277PDB8, GBD277PDQ09, GBD277PDQ10, GBD277PDQ2, GBD277PDQ3, GBD277PDQ4, GBD277PDQ5, GBD277PDQ6, GBD277PDQ7, GBD277PDQ8, GBD277PDS09, GBD277PDS10, GBD277PDS2, GBD277PDS3, GBD277PDS4, GBD277PDS5, GBD277PDS6, GBD277PDS7, GBD277PDS8, GBD277PDT09, GBD277PDT10, GBD277PDT7, GBD277PDT8, GBD277PRB00, GBD277PRB01, GBD277PRB03, GBD277PRQ00, GBD277PRQ01, GBD277PRQ03, GBD277PRS00, GBD277PRS01, GBD277PRS02, GBD277PRS03, GBD277PRT00, GBD307PDB09, GBD307PDB10, GBD307PDB2, GBD307PDB3, GBD307PDB4, GBD307PDB5, GBD307PDB6, GBD307PDB7, GBD307PDQ09, GBD307PDQ10, GBD307PDQ2, GBD307PDQ3, GBD307PDQ4, GBD307PDQ5, GBD307PDQ6, GBD307PDQ7, GBD307PDS09, GBD307PDS10, GBD307PDS2, GBD307PDS3, GBD307PDS4, GBD307PDS5, GBD307PDS6, GBD307PDS7, GBD307PDT09, GBD307PDT10, GBD307PDT3, GBD307PDT4, GBD307PDT5, GBD307PDT6, GBD307PDT7, GBD307PRB00, GBD307PRB01, GBD307PRB03, GBD307PRQ00, GBD307PRQ01, GBD307PRS00, GBD307PRS01, GBD307PRS02, GBD307PRT00, GBD307PRY01, KBRP36MHT00, KBRP36MHW00, LTG6234DT5, RBD245PDB10, RBD245PDB11, RBD245PDB12, RBD245PDB14, RBD245PDB15, RBD245PDB7, RBD245PDB8, RBD245PDB9, RBD245PDQ10, RBD245PDQ11, RBD245PDQ12, RBD245PDQ14, RBD245PDQ15, RBD245PDQ7, RBD245PDQ8, RBD245PDQ9, RBD245PDS12, RBD245PDS14, RBD245PDS15, RBD245PDT10, RBD245PDT11, RBD245PDT12, RBD245PDT14, RBD245PDT15, RBD245PDT8, RBD245PDT9, RBD245PRB00, RBD245PRQ00, RBD245PRS00, RBD245PRS01, RBD245PRT00, RBD275PDB10, RBD275PDB11, RBD275PDB12, RBD275PDB13, RBD275PDB14, RBD275PDB15, RBD275PDB7, RBD275PDB8, RBD275PDB9, RBD275PDQ10, RBD275PDQ11, RBD275PDQ12, RBD275PDQ13, RBD275PDQ14, RBD275PDQ15, RBD275PDQ7, RBD275PDQ8, RBD275PDQ9, RBD275PDS12, RBD275PDS14, RBD275PDS15, RBD275PDT10, RBD275PDT11, RBD275PDT12, RBD275PDT13, RBD275PDT14, RBD275PDT15, RBD275PDT8, RBD275PDT9, RBD275PRB00, RBD275PRQ00, RBD275PRS00, RBD275PRS01, RBD275PRT00, RBD276PDB10, RBD276PDB11, RBD276PDB12, RBD276PDB7, RBD276PDB8, RBD276PDB9, RBD276PDQ10, RBD276PDQ11, RBD276PDQ12, RBD276PDQ7, RBD276PDQ8, RBD276PDQ9, RBD277PDB1, RBD277PDB2, RBD277PDB4, RBD277PDQ1, RBD277PDQ2, RBD277PDQ4, RBD305PDB10, RBD305PDB11, RBD305PDB12, RBD305PDB13, RBD305PDB14, RBD305PDB15, RBD305PDB7, RBD305PDB8, RBD305PDB9, RBD305PDQ10, RBD305PDQ11, RBD305PDQ12, RBD305PDQ13, RBD305PDQ14, RBD305PDQ15, RBD305PDQ7, RBD305PDQ8, RBD305PDQ9, RBD305PDS12, RBD305PDS14, RBD305PDS15, RBD305PDT11, RBD305PDT12, RBD305PDT13, RBD305PDT14, RBD305PDT15, RBD305PRB00, RBD305PRQ00, RBD305PRS00, RBD305PRT00, RBD306PDB10, RBD306PDB11, RBD306PDB12, RBD306PDB13, RBD306PDB14, RBD306PDB15, RBD306PDB7, RBD306PDB8, RBD306PDB9, RBD306PDQ10, RBD306PDQ11, RBD306PDQ12, RBD306PDQ13, RBD306PDQ14, RBD306PDQ15, RBD306PDQ7, RBD306PDQ8, RBD306PDQ9, RBD306PDT11, RBD306PDT12, RBD306PDT13, RBD306PDT14, RBD306PDT15, RBD306PDZ10, RBD306PDZ7, RBD306PDZ8, RBD306PDZ9, YGBD307PDQ6, YGBD307PDB7, YGBD307PDQ7

Note, The text for this article was taken directly from a recent post on

Home Diagnostics for Your RDD, RDS, RDF, RED, REF, RES Thermador Oven Range Cooktop Stove

Is your Thermador oven throwing error codes, not heating to set temp., or malfunctioning in other ways?

You may need to have your control board repaired, but the problem could also be failing hardware in your oven.

Luckily, these boards have a built-in diagnostic feature that can tell you where the problem is.  To enter the diagnostic mode, you need to have the breaker to your oven shut off.  Hold down the “Stop Time” button (center button) and have a friend turn the breaker back on.  Until the button is depressed, the control will beep and show the microprocessor ID in blue digits and dashes in red digits.  Once “Stop Time” is depressed, the control will stop beeping and show dashes in both the blue and red digits.


Display shows Microprocessor ID and dashes when you enter Diagnostics Mode.

From here, you can test all the various functions of the oven control.

Holding any of the cooking buttons (Convection, Bake, or Broil) will energize that element relay while the button is held in, and the display will show “ON”.  You should hear a *click* whenever the relay turns on or off.  Depressing the button turns the relay off.

Holding the Clock button will energize the door latch relay and illuminate all display segments.

Holding the Stop Time button will cause the board to beep and show the same screen as when you entered Diagnostics: 4 digit Microprocessor ID and dashes.

Holding the Cook Time Button will show the  EEPROM checksum in blue digits and the current oven sensor temperature in red.

Holding the Timer button will cause the control board to beep.

Holding the Clean button will reveal the current state of the door latch.  Depending on which revision of the control board you have, there are 4 possible conditions, represented by either numbers 0-3 or 4-7…

  • 0 or 4: Latch in transition between states. Unlock Switch 1 and Lock Switch 2 are both open.
  • 1 or 5: Fully Latched (door closed). Unlock Switch 1 is open and Lock Switch 2 is closed.
  • 2 or 6: Fully Unlatched. Unlock Switch 1 is closed and Lock Switch 2 is open.
  • 3 or 7: Invalid Latch State. Unlock Switch 1 and Lock Switch 2 are both closed.

Pressing Cancel/Clear/Off will exit the Diagnostic Mode.



So, this is a powerful troubleshooting tool.  For example, if your oven isn’t heating properly, use diagnostic mode to figure out which element isn’t heating.  Hold Bake, you should hear the Bake relay click, and the Bake element (bottom) should heat as long as the button is held in.  If you hear the click, but there’s no heat, check the wiring to the element and the element itself (hardware specs below).  If the hardware is good, then the control board needs to be sent in for repair.  Even if the relay clicks, it can still have bad contacts.

Or, perhaps the oven isn’t heating properly because there is a failure in the temperature sensing circuit.  Hold the Cook Time button to reveal the oven sensor temperature.  If the oven has been idling at room temperature, then the red digits should display something around “070” (70 degrees).  Anything drastically different than this means there is a definite problem.  Check the wiring to the oven sensor and the sensor itself.  If the hardware is good, then the control board needs to be sent in for repair.

There are is a variety of possible failures for these ovens.  Using the diagnostics mode can help you find which circuit is faulty, and then you can use the table below to determine whether it’s a hardware problem or control board problem.


DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE!  You do not need power to the oven to make these measurements. Please cut the breaker.

Bake Element E6** 18-26 Ω
Broil Element E7** 12-20 Ω
Convection Motor E2 to E8 55-80 Ω
Latch Motor E2 to E5 835-870 Ω
Temperature Sensor J1: pins 3 to 5 ~1080 Ω at Room Temp

**NOTE: The motors and sensor checks test the hardware and relevant wiring simultaneously.  There’s no good way to test the heating elements and their wiring at the same time.  Check the resistance of the elements at the ends of the element, and then individually inspect the wires from the ends of the elements.


This troubleshooting guide applies to the following Part and Model numbers…

P/N: 14-33-347, 35-00-571, 35-00-751, 486752, 487604


KoldDraft Ice Cubers GB and GT series – Harvest, Bin, Water Level, Power Problems?

We’ve seen a slew of KoldDraft control boards come through the shop.  There is a variety of problems people are experiencing with their KoldDraft ice machines, but the root cause is almost always some failure with the control board.

If you’ve been experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should send control board 102-1165-01 in for repair:

  • Intermittent Power to unit
  • Inconsistent or general water level sensing issues
  • Inconsistent or general ice harvesting issues
  • Ice bin not operating correctly
  • Machine is “dead”

Contact a PCB repair company for further inquiry.

Control Board Part Number: 


Model Numbers:

GB301AC, GB301AHK, GB301AK, GB301WC, GB301WHK, GB301WK, GB301RC, GB301RHK, GB301RK, GB302AC, GB302AHK, GB302AK, GB302WC, GB302WHK, GB302WK, GB302RC, GB302RHK, GB302RK, GB303AC, GB303AHK, GB303AK, GB303WC, GB303WHK, GB303WK, GB303RC, GB303RHK, GB303RK, GB304AC, GB304AHK, GB304AK, GB304WC, GB304WHK, GB304WK, GB304RC, GB304RHK, GB304RK, GB305AC, GB305AHK, GB305AK, GB305WC, GB305WHK, GB305WK, GB305RC, GB305RHK, GB305RK, GB306AC, GB306AHK, GB306AK, GB306WC, GB306WHK, GB306WK, GB306RC, GB306RHK, GB306RK, GB307AC, GB307AHK, GB307AK, GB307WC, GB307WHK, GB307WK, GB307RC, GB307RHK, GB307RK, GB308AC, GB308AHK, GB308AK, GB308WC, GB308WHK, GB308WK, GB308RC, GB308RHK, GB308RK, GB401AC, GB401AHK, GB401AK, GB401WC, GB401WHK, GB401WK, GB401RC, GB401RHK, GB401RK, GB402AC, GB402AHK, GB402AK, GB402WC, GB402WHK, GB402WK, GB402RC, GB402RHK, GB402RK, GB403AC, GB403AHK, GB403AK, GB403WC, GB403WHK, GB403WK, GB403RC, GB403RHK, GB403RK, GB404AC, GB404AHK, GB404AK, GB404WC, GB404WHK, GB404WK, GB404RC, GB404RHK, GB404RK, GB405AC, GB405AHK, GB405AK, GB405WC, GB405WHK, GB405WK, GB405RC, GB405RHK, GB405RK, GB406AC, GB406AHK, GB406AK, GB406WC, GB406WHK, GB406WK, GB406RC, GB406RHK, GB406RK, GB407AC, GB407AHK, GB407AK, GB407WC, GB407WHK, GB407WK, GB407RC, GB407RHK, GB407RK, GB408AC, GB408AHK, GB408AK, GB408WC, GB408WHK, GB408WK, GB408RC, GB408RHK, GB408RK, GB501AC, GB501AHK, GB501AK, GB501WC, GB501WHK, GB501WK, GB501RC, GB501RHK, GB501RK, GB502AC, GB502AHK, GB502AK, GB502WC, GB502WHK, GB502WK, GB502RC, GB502RHK, GB502RK, GB503AC, GB503AHK, GB503AK, GB503WC, GB503WHK, GB503WK, GB503RC, GB503RHK, GB503RK, GB504AC, GB504AHK, GB504AK, GB504WC, GB504WHK, GB504WK, GB504RC, GB504RHK, GB504RK, GB505AC, GB505AHK, GB505AK, GB505WC, GB505WHK, GB505WK, GB505RC, GB505RHK, GB505RK, GB506AC, GB506AHK, GB506AK, GB506WC, GB506WHK, GB506WK, GB506RC, GB506RHK, GB506RK, GB507AC, GB507AHK, GB507AK, GB507WC, GB507WHK, GB507WK, GB507RC, GB507RHK, GB507RK, GB508AC, GB508AHK, GB508AK, GB508WC, GB508WHK, GB508WK, GB508RC, GB508RHK, GB508RK, GB601AC, GB601AHK, GB601AK, GB601WC, GB601WHK, GB601WK, GB601RC, GB601RHK, GB601RK, GB602AC, GB602AHK, GB602AK, GB602WC, GB602WHK, GB602WK, GB602RC, GB602RHK, GB602RK, GB603AC, GB603AHK, GB603AK, GB603WC, GB603WHK, GB603WK, GB603RC, GB603RHK, GB603RK, GB604AC, GB604AHK, GB604AK, GB604WC, GB604WHK, GB604WK, GB604RC, GB604RHK, GB604RK, GB605AC, GB605AHK, GB605AK, GB605WC, GB605WHK, GB605WK, GB605RC, GB605RHK, GB605RK, GB606AC, GB606AHK, GB606AK, GB606WC, GB606WHK, GB606WK, GB606RC, GB606RHK, GB606RK, GB607AC, GB607AHK, GB607AK, GB607WC, GB607WHK, GB607WK, GB607RC, GB607RHK, GB607RK, GB608AC, GB608AHK, GB608AK, GB608WC, GB608WHK, GB608WK, GB608RC, GB608RHK, GB608RK, GB1001AC, GB1001AHK, GB1001AK, GB1001WC, GB1001WHK, GB1001WK, GB1001RC, GB1001RHK, GB1001RK, GB1002AC, GB1002AHK, GB1002AK, GB1002WC, GB1002WHK, GB1002WK, GB1002RC, GB1002RHK, GB1002RK, GB1003AC, GB1003AHK, GB1003AK, GB1003WC, GB1003WHK, GB1003WK, GB1003RC, GB1003RHK, GB1003RK, GB1004AC, GB1004AHK, GB1004AK, GB1004WC, GB1004WHK, GB1004WK, GB1004RC, GB1004RHK, GB1004RK, GB1005AC, GB1005AHK, GB1005AK, GB1005WC, GB1005WHK, GB1005WK, GB1005RC, GB1005RHK, GB1005RK, GB1006AC, GB1006AHK, GB1006AK, GB1006WC, GB1006WHK, GB1006WK, GB1006RC, GB1006RHK, GB1006RK, GB1007AC, GB1007AHK, GB1007AK, GB1007WC, GB1007WHK, GB1007WK, GB1007RC, GB1007RHK, GB1007RK, GB1008AC, GB1008AHK, GB1008AK, GB1008WC, GB1008WHK, GB1008WK, GB1008RC, GB1008RHK, GB1008RK, GB1201AC, GB1201AHK, GB1201AK, GB1201WC, GB1201WHK, GB1201WK, GB1201RC, GB1201RHK, GB1201RK, GB1202AC, GB1202AHK, GB1202AK, GB1202WC, GB1202WHK, GB1202WK, GB1202RC, GB1202RHK, GB1202RK, GB1203AC, GB1203AHK, GB1203AK, GB1203WC, GB1203WHK, GB1203WK, GB1203RC, GB1203RHK, GB1203RK, GB1204AC, GB1204AHK, GB1204AK, GB1204WC, GB1204WHK, GB1204WK, GB1204RC, GB1204RHK, GB1204RK, GB1205AC, GB1205AHK, GB1205AK, GB1205WC, GB1205WHK, GB1205WK, GB1205RC, GB1205RHK, GB1205RK, GB1206AC, GB1206AHK, GB1206AK, GB1206WC, GB1206WHK, GB1206WK, GB1206RC, GB1206RHK, GB1206RK, GB1207AC, GB1207AHK, GB1207AK, GB1207WC, GB1207WHK, GB1207WK, GB1207RC, GB1207RHK, GB1207RK, GB1208AC, GB1208AHK, GB1208AK, GB1208WC, GB1208WHK, GB1208WK, GB1208RC, GB1208RHK, GB1208RK, GT301AC, GT301AHK, GT301AK, GT301WC, GT301WHK, GT301WK, GT301RC, GT301RHK, GT301RK, GT302AC, GT302AHK, GT302AK, GT302WC, GT302WHK, GT302WK, GT302RC, GT302RHK, GT302RK, GT303AC, GT303AHK, GT303AK, GT303WC, GT303WHK, GT303WK, GT303RC, GT303RHK, GT303RK, GT304AC, GT304AHK, GT304AK, GT304WC, GT304WHK, GT304WK, GT304RC, GT304RHK, GT304RK, GT305AC, GT305AHK, GT305AK, GT305WC, GT305WHK, GT305WK, GT305RC, GT305RHK, GT305RK, GT306AC, GT306AHK, GT306AK, GT306WC, GT306WHK, GT306WK, GT306RC, GT306RHK, GT306RK, GT307AC, GT307AHK, GT307AK, GT307WC, GT307WHK, GT307WK, GT307RC, GT307RHK, GT307RK, GT308AC, GT308AHK, GT308AK, GT308WC, GT308WHK, GT308WK, GT308RC, GT308RHK, GT308RK, GT401AC, GT401AHK, GT401AK, GT401WC, GT401WHK, GT401WK, GT401RC, GT401RHK, GT401RK, GT402AC, GT402AHK, GT402AK, GT402WC, GT402WHK, GT402WK, GT402RC, GT402RHK, GT402RK, GT403AC, GT403AHK, GT403AK, GT403WC, GT403WHK, GT403WK, GT403RC, GT403RHK, GT403RK, GT404AC, GT404AHK, GT404AK, GT404WC, GT404WHK, GT404WK, GT404RC, GT404RHK, GT404RK, GT405AC, GT405AHK, GT405AK, GT405WC, GT405WHK, GT405WK, GT405RC, GT405RHK, GT405RK, GT406AC, GT406AHK, GT406AK, GT406WC, GT406WHK, GT406WK, GT406RC, GT406RHK, GT406RK, GT407AC, GT407AHK, GT407AK, GT407WC, GT407WHK, GT407WK, GT407RC, GT407RHK, GT407RK, GT408AC, GT408AHK, GT408AK, GT408WC, GT408WHK, GT408WK, GT408RC, GT408RHK, GT408RK, GT501AC, GT501AHK, GT501AK, GT501WC, GT501WHK, GT501WK, GT501RC, GT501RHK, GT501RK, GT502AC, GT502AHK, GT502AK, GT502WC, GT502WHK, GT502WK, GT502RC, GT502RHK, GT502RK, GT503AC, GT503AHK, GT503AK, GT503WC, GT503WHK, GT503WK, GT503RC, GT503RHK, GT503RK, GT504AC, GT504AHK, GT504AK, GT504WC, GT504WHK, GT504WK, GT504RC, GT504RHK, GT504RK, GT505AC, GT505AHK, GT505AK, GT505WC, GT505WHK, GT505WK, GT505RC, GT505RHK, GT505RK, GT506AC, GT506AHK, GT506AK, GT506WC, GT506WHK, GT506WK, GT506RC, GT506RHK, GT506RK, GT507AC, GT507AHK, GT507AK, GT507WC, GT507WHK, GT507WK, GT507RC, GT507RHK, GT507RK, GT508AC, GT508AHK, GT508AK, GT508WC, GT508WHK, GT508WK, GT508RC, GT508RHK, GT508RK, GT601AC, GT601AHK, GT601AK, GT601WC, GT601WHK, GT601WK, GT601RC, GT601RHK, GT601RK, GT602AC, GT602AHK, GT602AK, GT602WC, GT602WHK, GT602WK, GT602RC, GT602RHK, GT602RK, GT603AC, GT603AHK, GT603AK, GT603WC, GT603WHK, GT603WK, GT603RC, GT603RHK, GT603RK, GT604AC, GT604AHK, GT604AK, GT604WC, GT604WHK, GT604WK, GT604RC, GT604RHK, GT604RK, GT605AC, GT605AHK, GT605AK, GT605WC, GT605WHK, GT605WK, GT605RC, GT605RHK, GT605RK, GT606AC, GT606AHK, GT606AK, GT606WC, GT606WHK, GT606WK, GT606RC, GT606RHK, GT606RK, GT607AC, GT607AHK, GT607AK, GT607WC, GT607WHK, GT607WK, GT607RC, GT607RHK, GT607RK, GT608AC, GT608AHK, GT608AK, GT608WC, GT608WHK, GT608WK, GT608RC, GT608RHK, GT608RK, GT1001AC, GT1001AHK, GT1001AK, GT1001WC, GT1001WHK, GT1001WK, GT1001RC, GT1001RHK, GT1001RK, GT1002AC, GT1002AHK, GT1002AK, GT1002WC, GT1002WHK, GT1002WK, GT1002RC, GT1002RHK, GT1002RK, GT1003AC, GT1003AHK, GT1003AK, GT1003WC, GT1003WHK, GT1003WK, GT1003RC, GT1003RHK, GT1003RK, GT1004AC, GT1004AHK, GT1004AK, GT1004WC, GT1004WHK, GT1004WK, GT1004RC, GT1004RHK, GT1004RK, GT1005AC, GT1005AHK, GT1005AK, GT1005WC, GT1005WHK, GT1005WK, GT1005RC, GT1005RHK, GT1005RK, GT1006AC, GT1006AHK, GT1006AK, GT1006WC, GT1006WHK, GT1006WK, GT1006RC, GT1006RHK, GT1006RK, GT1007AC, GT1007AHK, GT1007AK, GT1007WC, GT1007WHK, GT1007WK, GT1007RC, GT1007RHK, GT1007RK, GT1008AC, GT1008AHK, GT1008AK, GT1008WC, GT1008WHK, GT1008WK, GT1008RC, GT1008RHK, GT1008RK, GT1201AC, GT1201AHK, GT1201AK, GT1201WC, GT1201WHK, GT1201WK, GT1201RC, GT1201RHK, GT1201RK, GT1202AC, GT1202AHK, GT1202AK, GT1202WC, GT1202WHK, GT1202WK, GT1202RC, GT1202RHK, GT1202RK, GT1203AC, GT1203AHK, GT1203AK, GT1203WC, GT1203WHK, GT1203WK, GT1203RC, GT1203RHK, GT1203RK, GT1204AC, GT1204AHK, GT1204AK, GT1204WC, GT1204WHK, GT1204WK, GT1204RC, GT1204RHK, GT1204RK, GT1205AC, GT1205AHK, GT1205AK, GT1205WC, GT1205WHK, GT1205WK, GT1205RC, GT1205RHK, GT1205RK, GT1206AC, GT1206AHK, GT1206AK, GT1206WC, GT1206WHK, GT1206WK, GT1206RC, GT1206RHK, GT1206RK, GT1207AC, GT1207AHK, GT1207AK, GT1207WC, GT1207WHK, GT1207WK, GT1207RC, GT1207RHK, GT1207RK, GT1208AC, GT1208AHK, GT1208AK, GT1208WC, GT1208WHK, GT1208WK, GT1208RC, GT1208RHK, GT1208RK



‘6700 REV C’ on Jandy/Blue Haven RS4,RS6,RS8 – Remote or Power Center?

This blog has been brought to you by a PCB repair company to help troubleshoot your Jandy/Blue Haven pool system.  Relevant part/model numbers can be found at the bottom of the article.

Is your pool control system unresponsive: doesn’t control pool functions or can’t communicate?  Is the remote displaying error code “6700 REV C”?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you can be sure the communication circuit in your Jandy/Blue Haven pool control system has failed.  The specific failure could be isolated to either the remote (RS4, RS6, or RS8) or the Power Center, or both, or even the wiring between the two.  So which part(s) should you box up and send to a PCB shop for repair?

Unless you have a spare remote known to be problem-free (read more below the photos), there is no good way to make a home diagnosis of which part is causing the communication breakdown.  Fortunately, at this repair company, we have developed a thorough methodology for locating the failure and completely restoring your pool control system.  If you are experiencing pool control issues, send in your Remote and Power Center (images below).   We will quickly identify and repair the failure, and send back your fully function control system backed by a two-year warranty.

suspect in communication failure

RS4 Remote displaying ‘6700 REV C’ error code. (RS6 or RS8 would do same)

suspect in communication failure

Back of Remote: be sure to send the board and panel in for repair.

Suspect in communication failures

Power Center: This will be found on the side of the house near all the pool equipment/machinery.

suspect in communication failure

Back of Power Center: be sure to send the board and panel in for repair.

HOME DIAGNOSIS (If you have a spare remote):

This is only applicable if you have another remote and it hasn’t had this communication problem in the past. Swap the spare remote in for the suspect remote.

If the “6700 REV C” code DOES NOT appear, then you can be sure the REMOTE was causing the problem.  Send it in for repair!

If the “6700 REV C” code DOES appear, then the problem is at least in either the POWER CENTER or WIRING between the power center or remote, but it is possible that the original remote failed, too – we have seen the Power Center and Remote fail simultaneously.  If after going through the following steps, you determine the Power Center is bad, we still highly recommend you send in both the Remote and Power Center.

If you have a Digital Multi Meter (DMM)/Digital Volt Meter (DVM) that can measure electrical resistance, ruling out the wiring is easy.  There is a 4-terminal, red plug on both the Power Center and the Remote.  The cable that attaches between these plugs is how the Remote and Power Center communicate.  Pick one of these plugs and loosen the two center terminals with a flat-head screwdriver .  Pull the two center wires out from the loose terminals and firmly tie the wire ends together.  Now go to the other red plug and hold your meter probes to the two center terminals.  You should measure an electrical resistance of ten ohms (10 Ω) or less.  Any measurement of higher, or infinite/open, resistance means the wiring is corroded, chewed, or not firmly tightened in the plug terminals.  Check the terminals, and if they seem OK, replace the wiring.

If the wiring checks out, then you know the communication problem is being caused by the Power Center.  Send it in for repair!

That wraps it up!  Never hesitate to contact with questions.


6473-E, 6475, 6685, 6686, 6687, 6688, 6689, 6691, 6700, 672, 6727, 6728, 6729, 673, 6886, 6887, 6888, 6889, 6890, 6891, 7074, BH6100, RS4, RS6, RS8

Defrost, Condenser, Temperature, or Other Problems in KSS, KSC and other Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Kenmore/JennAir/Maytag Refrigerators

Time for another quality blog from Repair Facility!

Whirlpool Corporation and its subsidiaries have made heavy use of this control board in their refrigerators, but now it is failing at a high rate after just having been obsoleted.  Lists of relevant part numbers and model numbers are available at the end of this article.

Your refrigerator may seem fine some or most of the time, but you get a sense that it’s on the way out – intermittent operation of various features, drooping temperature, etc.  This is likely because the power supply on its control board is failing.  Other common failures due to this board are that the condenser fan won’t run and the defrost heater doesn’t work.  The objective of this blog is to help you identify if the control board is the source of your refrigerator’s problems.     If you determine the board is bad, be sure to visit to send it in for repair and get it back good as new – at a fraction of the cost of buying a new part or model!

You’ll want to have DC voltmeter handy.

The built-in refrigerators usually house the control board in the top of the unit, and it is relatively easy to access from the front side.  You can always reference with your model number to see where the board goes in the unit.  We recommend that you cut the breaker to your appliance before taking it apart so as to minimize the risk of seriously harming yourself or the appliance through electrical shorts.  Once you have access to the board and can comfortably probe it with your voltmeter, be sure to keep all the connections in place and throw the breaker back on.  Below is an image of the control board with highlights of the necessary measurements.  Your board will still have all the wires connected, but you can still stick your meter probes down into the sockets alongside the wires.

The first thing to do,  is measure the DC voltage across pins 9 and 11 on the P7 wiring connector.  The meter should read right around 12VDC.

Now, on the main control panel, press and hold the filter reset button and then immediately press and hold the power button.   Holding both in simultaneously for few seconds should send the refrigerator into Service Diagnostic Mode.  Press the ‘temperature scroll up’ button until you are in Mode 4.  Repeat the above measurement.

If either the first or second measurements yield a reading less than 11.5 VDC, the power supply circuit in the control board has definitely failed and needs to be repaired.  Go to, click on the ‘How To Ship’ tab, print out the shipping form, and send it in!

W10121049 Troubleshooting Defrost, Condenser, and Temperature Problems

With a DC Voltmeter, measure these pins. W10121049 – Troubleshooting for Defrost, Condenser fans problems

Hope this helps resolve your home refrigeration issues!

-Young Padawan


2223343, 2252111, 2303934, 2307005, 2307028, W10185291, W10219463


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GC5SHEXNQ04, GC5SHEXNQ05, GC5SHEXNS00, GC5SHEXNS01, GC5SHEXNS02, GC5SHEXNS03, GC5SHEXNS04, GC5SHEXNS05, GC5SHEXNT00, GC5SHEXNT01, GC5SHEXNT02, GC5SHEXNT03, GC5SHEXNT04, GC5SHEXNT05, GC5THEXNB00, GC5THEXNB01, GC5THEXNB02, GC5THEXNB03, GC5THEXNQ00, GC5THEXNQ01, GC5THEXNQ02, GC5THEXNQ03, GC5THEXNS00, GC5THEXNS01, GC5THEXNS02, GC5THEXNS03, GC5THEXNT00, GC5THEXNT01, GC5THEXNT02, GC5THEXNT03, JCB2488MTR00, JCB2581WES00, JCB2582WEF00, JCB2582WEY00, JCB2585WEP00, JCB2585WEP01, JCB2585WES00, JCB2585WES01, JCB2587WEF00, JCB2587WEY00, JCB2588WER00, JCD2395WES00, JCD2395WES01, JCD2395WES02, JCD2591WES00, JCD2595WEK00, JCD2595WEK01, JCD2595WEP00, JCD2595WEP01, JCD2595WES00, JCD2595WES01, JF42CXFXDB00, JF42CXFXDB01, JF42NXFXDW00, JF42NXFXDW01, JF42PPFXDB00, JF42PPFXDB01, JF42SEFXDB00, JF42SEFXDB01,KBLC36FMS01, KBLC36FMS02, KBLO36FMX01, KBLO36FMX02, KBLP36FMS02, KBLS36FMB01, KBLS36FMB02, KBLS36FMX01, KBLS36FMX02, KBLV36FPM01, KBLV36FPM02, KBLV36FPS01, KBLV36FPS02, KBRC36FMS01, KBRC36FMS02, KBRO36FMX01, KBRO36FMX02, KBRP36FMS01, KBRP36FMS02, KBRS36FMB01, KBRS36FMB02, KBRS36FMX01, KBRS36FMX02, KBRV36FPM01, KBRV36FPM02, KBRV36FPS01, KBRV36FPS02, KBUDT4265E04, KBURT3665E01, KSBP23INSS00, KSBP23INSS01, KSBP25INSS00, KSBP25INSS01, KSBP25INSS02, KSBP25INSS03, KSBP25IVSS00, KSBP25IVSS01, KSBS23INBL00, KSBS23INBL01, KSBS23INBT00, KSBS23INBT01, KSBS23INSS00, KSBS23INSS01, KSBS23INWH00, KSBS23INWH01, KSBS25INBL00, KSBS25INBL01, KSBS25INBL02, KSBS25INBL03, KSBS25INBT00, KSBS25INBT01, KSBS25INBT02, KSBS25INBT03, KSBS25INSS00, KSBS25INSS01, KSBS25INSS02, KSBS25INSS03, KSBS25INWH00, KSBS25INWH01, KSBS25INWH02, KSBS25INWH03, KSBS25IVBL00, KSBS25IVBL01, KSBS25IVSS00, KSBS25IVSS01, KSBS25IVWH00, KSBS25IVWH01, KSCS23FSBL00, KSCS23FSBL01, KSCS23FSBL02, KSCS23FSBL03, KSCS23FSBT00, KSCS23FSBT01, KSCS23FSBT02, KSCS23FSBT03, KSCS23FSMS00, KSCS23FSMS01, KSCS23FSMS02, KSCS23FSMS03, KSCS23FSSS02, KSCS23FSSS03, KSCS23FSWH00, KSCS23FSWH01, KSCS23FSWH02, KSCS23FSWH03, KSCS23FTBL00, KSCS23FTBL01, KSCS23FTBL02, KSCS23FTBT00, KSCS23FTBT01, KSCS23FTBT02, KSCS23FTMS00, KSCS23FTMS01, KSCS23FTMS02, KSCS23FTSS00, KSCS23FTSS01, KSCS23FTSS02, KSCS23FTWH00, KSCS23FTWH01, KSCS23FTWH02, KSCS23FVBL00, KSCS23FVBL01, KSCS23FVBL02, KSCS23FVBL03, KSCS23FVMK00, KSCS23FVMK01, KSCS23FVMK02, KSCS23FVMK03, KSCS23FVMS00, KSCS23FVMS01, KSCS23FVMS02, KSCS23FVMS03, KSCS23FVSS00, KSCS23FVSS01, KSCS23FVSS02, KSCS23FVSS03, KSCS23FVWH00, KSCS23FVWH01, KSCS23FVWH02, KSCS23FVWH03, KSCS23INBL00, KSCS23INBL01, KSCS23INBL02, KSCS23INBL03, KSCS23INBT00, KSCS23INBT01, KSCS23INBT02, KSCS23INBT03, KSCS23INMS00, KSCS23INMS01, KSCS23INMS02, KSCS23INMS03, KSCS23INSS00, KSCS23INSS01, KSCS23INSS02, KSCS23INSS03, KSCS23INWH00, KSCS23INWH01, KSCS23INWH02, KSCS23INWH03, KSCS25FSBL00, KSCS25FSBL01, KSCS25FSBL02, KSCS25FSBL03, KSCS25FSBT00, KSCS25FSBT01, KSCS25FSBT02, KSCS25FSBT03, KSCS25FSMS00, KSCS25FSMS01, KSCS25FSMS02, KSCS25FSMS03, KSCS25FSSS01, KSCS25FSSS02, KSCS25FSSS03, KSCS25FSWH00, KSCS25FSWH01, KSCS25FSWH02, 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KSSC36FMS01, KSSC36FMS02, KSSC36FMS03, KSSC36QMS01, KSSC36QMS02, KSSC36QMS03, KSSC42FMS01, KSSC42FMS02, KSSC42FMS03, KSSC42QMS01, KSSC42QMS02, KSSC42QMS03, KSSC42QMU01, KSSC48FMS01, KSSC48FMS02, KSSC48FMS03, KSSC48QMS01, KSSC48QMS02, KSSC48QMS03, KSSO36FMX01, KSSO36FMX02, KSSO36FMX03, KSSO36QMB01, KSSO36QMB02, KSSO36QMB03, KSSO36QMW01, KSSO36QMX02, KSSO42FMX01, KSSO42FMX02, KSSO42FMX03, KSSO42QMB01, KSSO42QMB02, KSSO42QMB03, KSSO42QMW01, KSSO42QMX01, KSSO42QMX02, KSSO48FMX01, KSSO48FMX02, KSSO48FMX03, KSSO48QMB01, KSSO48QMB02, KSSO48QMB03, KSSO48QMW01, KSSO48QMX02, KSSP36QMS01, KSSP36QMS02, KSSP36QMS03, KSSP42QMS01, KSSP42QMS02, KSSP42QMS03, KSSP48QMS01, KSSP48QMS02, KSSP48QMS03, KSSS36FMB01, KSSS36FMB02, KSSS36FMX01, KSSS36FMX02, KSSS36FMX03, KSSS36QMB01, KSSS36QMB02, KSSS36QMB03, KSSS36QMW01, KSSS36QMW02, KSSS36QMW03, KSSS36QMX01, KSSS36QMX02, KSSS36QMX03, KSSS42FMB01, KSSS42FMB02, KSSS42FMX01, KSSS42FMX02, KSSS42FMX03, KSSS42QMB01, KSSS42QMB02, KSSS42QMB03, KSSS42QMW01, KSSS42QMW02, 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