Dacor CPD,CPS Built-In Ovens – Light Not Working?

This post shows you the best place to troubleshoot an oven light problem on Dacor CPS and CPD ovens.  Remember, any time you are taking measurement inside an oven, there is a potential for electrical shock.  This is very dangerous!!!   So double check you have power off to the oven.  If you don’t know how to use a voltmeter, find somebody who does or call an tech and show them this blog.  Never do this alone. Not trying to scare you from doing something productive, but safety first!

Oh yea, this post assumes you have checked/replaced the bulb 🙂

The picture below shows you how to determine whether your Dacor has a problem with the touchpad or the electronic control board.  Depending on the results, you will have to contact us (info@applianceboards.com) or a rebuild company like this (click here).

If you get the correct measurement, the problem is with the board, not the buttons

If you get the correct measurement, the problem is with the board, not the buttons

If resistance is not dropping below 200ohms when you press the button, contact us at info@applianceboards.com.  If it is, and you know the bulb is ok, the circuit board is the likely the culprit and can be rebuilt by following this link.

A list of model number with this type of light circuit includes but is not limited to:  CPS227 CPS227A CPS227B CPS227W CPD227 CPS230 CPS230B CPD230 CPS127 CPS127A CPS127S CPS127W CPS130 CPS130A CPS130B CPS130R CPS130S CPS130W CPS230W CPS230S CPS230A

The relay/power board in the picture above can have these part numbers.  82811,82812,82810,82832,92028, 92029, 62439, 82985.

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Dacor CPO230WO and CP0130C Cooling Fan Problem and F1,F2,F3,F4 error codes

At www.FixYourBoard.com, we see controllers come in for Dacor model numbers CPO230W, CP0130C.  These models use the following control boards control that can be rebuild quickly and reliably – 82810, 82812, 82811, 82837, 82875, 82874.

The most common symptoms for these boards are F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6 error codes.  Sometimes they throw F6 codes.

For these models, when the cooling fan does not operate, it is not due to the control boards.   The following diagram illustrates this.  The red line annotates how the fan is turned on using the DLB relays to supply L1 to the fan through the thermal switch.  This means that if the oven is heating, the DLB is working and the problem must be with the thermal switch or cooling blower itself.  Note that when the cooling fan does not work, the oven can have a difficult time controlling temperature.  It is not uncommon for the oven to burn the top of the food while baking if the fan is not working properly.Dacor  Wiring Diagram for CP0230