Dacor CPD,CPS Built-In Ovens – Light Not Working?

This post shows you the best place to troubleshoot an oven light problem on Dacor CPS and CPD ovens.  Remember, any time you are taking measurement inside an oven, there is a potential for electrical shock.  This is very dangerous!!!   So double check you have power off to the oven.  If you don’t know how to use a voltmeter, find somebody who does or call an tech and show them this blog.  Never do this alone. Not trying to scare you from doing something productive, but safety first!

Oh yea, this post assumes you have checked/replaced the bulb 🙂

The picture below shows you how to determine whether your Dacor has a problem with the touchpad or the electronic control board.  Depending on the results, you will have to contact us (info@applianceboards.com) or a rebuild company like this (click here).

If you get the correct measurement, the problem is with the board, not the buttons

If you get the correct measurement, the problem is with the board, not the buttons

If resistance is not dropping below 200ohms when you press the button, contact us at info@applianceboards.com.  If it is, and you know the bulb is ok, the circuit board is the likely the culprit and can be rebuilt by following this link.

A list of model number with this type of light circuit includes but is not limited to:  CPS227 CPS227A CPS227B CPS227W CPD227 CPS230 CPS230B CPD230 CPS127 CPS127A CPS127S CPS127W CPS130 CPS130A CPS130B CPS130R CPS130S CPS130W CPS230W CPS230S CPS230A

The relay/power board in the picture above can have these part numbers.  82811,82812,82810,82832,92028, 92029, 62439, 82985.

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Failed Dacor Touchpad Causing F1 or F7? CPD,CPS Built-In Ovens

Are you having trouble finding a keypad for your Dacor built in oven? Don’t worry, there are options!  For a fraction of an oven replacement you can have the functionality restored to your oven and avoid multiple thousands of dollars to replace a built-in oven. A simple keypad problem can turn into a headache due to a ‘no longer available’ (NLA) or obsolete touchpad. Most parts for Dacor ovens are available for a very long time but the touch pad seems to be an exception to this. This control panel is made of a sealed membrane switch that wears out over time. Once this part fails, the oven can become unresponsive, beep randomly or throw error codes like F1 and F7 codes.

***** Update – New Recommended Solution  *****
We now recommend a wireless tablet solution.  You can get it from Applianceboards by emailing info@applianceboards.com.  Buy directly from BoardFruit.com, or from this Amazon link.


Recommended solution for Obsolete Dacor Panels

Here is what our customers are saying:
“Success! Working great, looks great and on top of that saved us thousands compared to a new Dacor. Thank You” – Clayton – Dallas, Texas

“Our Dacor is working great again. See attached picture of our dinner” – Frank – Dallas, Texas
(FYI, it was chicken and it looked tasty!)

“Yeah! Arrived, installed and up to temperature! Thank you. Great instructions – easy install” – John – Downers Grove, Illinois

“We received the keypad and installed it. It works great! Thank you do much! It sure beats buying a new double oven!” – Brad – Bethel, Ohio


Dacor Models that are applicable include CPS227 CPS227A CPS227B CPS227W CPD227 CPS230 CPS230B CPD230 CPS127 CPS127A CPS127S CPS127W CPS130 CPS130A CPS130B CPS130R CPS130S CPS130W CPS230W CPS230S CPS230A and others.

Ready to send your panel? Use the Amazon checkout process for “start to finish tracking”. Select you part to go the Amazon product page

13159A – Less than $300 on Amazon
13159B – Less than $300 on Amazon
13159W – Less than $300 on Amazon
13160B – Less than $300 on Amazon
13291B – Less than $300 on Amazon
13292A – Less than $300 on Amazon
13158B – Less than $300 on Amazon
13158S – Less than $300 on Amazon
13158W – Less than $300on Amazon
13290A – Less than $300 on Amazon
13290B – Less than $300 on Amazon
13290R – Less than $300 on Amazon
13290S – Less than $300 on Amazon
13290W – Less than $300 on Amazon
13291W – Less than $300 on Amazon
13291S – Less than $300 on Amazon
13291A – Less than $300 on Amazon
76480B – Less than $300 on Amazon

Don’t see your Dacor part number or model number or have questions? Contact info@applianceboards.com.

Send Dacor ERD, ERSD, CPS Control Boards For Repair

Dacor ovens have control boards that can be refurbished to extend the life of your oven.  The models include but are not limited to ERD30, ERSD30, ERG30, ERD36, ERDS36, ERG36, ERD48, ERDS48, ERD30S06, CPS227, CPD227, CPS230, CPD230, CPS127, CPS130, PGR30S.   Common errors include beeping F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 and E0 errors, blank displays and oven not reaching temperature.  These errors can be fixed  quickly and reliably at www.fixyourboard.com.  Along with the failed component, all other components prone to failure are also replaced.  This means many more years of worry-free oven operation after a control board rebuild.

Once it is suspected that the oven has a control board problem, it usually makes sense to remove all of the control boards to be inspected and repaired.  This page will show you the location of these boards.  As always, make sure all power to the oven is turned off and take pictures or notes to facilitate the re-installation process.

If you have a single oven there is one “display board” and the other a “relay board”.  If you have a double oven, there is one display board and two relay boards.  By far, the majority of problems are due to the display control board, but if you suspect an issue with the relay board, it can be tested/rebuilt too.

Common part numbers for the display board are: 701002, 701003, 701004, 701005, 701006, 701007, 62180, 62181, 62182 ,62151, 62789, 62790, 62692, 62681, 82381, 82382, 82758.

These look similar to this:

The location of the display board can be seen in the following diagram:

The relays board/s will look similar to:

The relay boards can be found using the following diagram:

Once you have your notes/pictures for reference.  Remove the control boards, wrap it with some cushioning and put it in a box.  Most control boards will be fixed, tested and returned to your door step within a week.