F1, F2, F3 Errors With Whirlpool Series 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610 Built-In Ovens

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

This write-up is brought to you by A PCB REPAIR COMPANY.

Does this board look familiar?  The different part number variations are:  4453701, 4452892, 8301345, 8301465, 4453193, 4452900, 8186024, 8303885, W10340935, 8301919

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

This board type if often sent in to PCB repair companies.  Even more often, we get a question regarding error codes and how to determine if the controller is at fault. Well, every case is a little different, but these are the 4 most common error types that we see.  3 out of the 4 usually mean the controller is the culprit.    The common models that this applies to are 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610:  The most common are:

F1 / E1, E2, E3,E4, E5  – Control Board needs to be rebuilt/replaced

F3/ E0, F3/E2  – These are temperature sense problems.  Usually this means the board has a problem, but check you temperature sensor at room temperature.  If it is about 1080 ohms, the temperature sensor is good and the problem lies with the control board.  Send it in.

F5/E1  -Door latch will not lock.  This means the controller tried to lock the door during a self test, but it stayed un-locked.  Check the door lock motor and switches, but usually, this is the control board with the problem.

F2/E1 – “Keypad keytail not connected” –  Check the connection from the plastic keypad panel to the control board.  If it is snug, the problem is with the plastic touchpad, not the control board.


This board set is commonly seen in the following model numbers : GBS277PDB5, GBS277PDB6, GBS277PDB7, GBS277PDB8, GBS277PDQ5, GBS277PDQ6, GBS277PDQ7, GBS277PDQ8, GBS277PDS5, GBS277PDS6, 8RBS245PDQ1, GBS277PDB3, GBS277PDB4, GBS277PDQ3, GBS277PDQ4, GBS277PDS3, GBS277PDS4, GBS277PDT3, GBS307PDB3, GBS307PDB4, RBS275PDB13, RBS275PDQ13, RBS275PDT13, RS610PXGV7, RS610PXGW7, GBS277PRB01, GBS277PRQ01, GBS277PRS01, GBS277PRS02, GBS307PRB01, GBS307PRB03, GBS307PRQ01, GBS307PRQ03, GBS307PRS01, GBS307PRS02, RBS245PRB06, RBS245PRS, RBS245PRS04, RBS245PRS06, RBS245PRT, RBS275PVQ, RBS305PVS00, RBS307PVQ00, GBS277PDB11, GBS277PDB12, GBS277PDQ11, GBS277PDQ12, GBS277PDS11, GBS277PDS12, GBS277PDT11, GBS277PDT12, GBS307PDB11, GBS307PDB12

Door Lock Problem and Overheating on GE Double Oven – JKP and ZEK series ovens

So you had your oven controller rebuilt at www.FixYourBoard.com and  just put your oven back together.  Everything seems to work except there are some strange symptoms.

Depending on what you have tried, the symptoms could be one or all of the following:

  • Door lock motors run continuously in clean mode.
  • Oven is hotter than the set temperature
  • F2 error (means oven is over heated)
  • Oven temperature readout stays at 100 degrees even though oven may be very hot.

This applies to the following:

  • Control boards (ERC) :WB27K5209,WB27K5213, WB27K5211, WB27K5210, WB27K5119, WB27K5208, WB27K5120, WB27K5048, WB27K5047
  • Model series: 3634842 9114842 JKP44GP JKP44GT JKP44GV JKP45WP JKP45WT JKP45WV JKP54GP JKP54GT JKP54GV JKP55WP JKP55WT JKP55WV JKP56AS JKP56AT JKP56AV ZEK754G ZEK755W ZEK756G ZEK757W

How can this be?  FixYourBoard.com has a two year warranty and performs a full functional test before return shipping.

Answer: A very simple and common hookup problem is the culprit.  Luckily, this should cause no damage and is easy to correct.

The following picture illustrates how the controller should be hooked up.  If you are reading this, it is probably because you have seen one or more of the symptoms and should verify your connections.   There is a good chance that the lower oven harness is connected to J4 and the upper oven harness is connected to J3.  Swap those connections and you should be working like new!

A complete list of models is: 3634842594, 9114842593, 9114842594, 9114842993, JKP44GP1, JKP44GP2BG, JKP44GP3BG, JKP44GP4BG, JKP44GT1BB, JKP44GT2BB, JKP44GV1BB, JKP45WP1, JKP45WP2WG, JKP45WP3WG, JKP45WT1WW, JKP45WT2WW, JKP45WV1WW, JKP54GP1BG, JKP54GP2BG, JKP54GP3BG, JKP54GP4BG, JKP54GT1BB, JKP54GT2BB, JKP54GV1BB, JKP55WP1WG, JKP55WP2WG, JKP55WP3WG, JKP55WT1WW, JKP55WT2WW, JKP55WV1WW, JKP56AS1AA, JKP56AT1AA, JKP56AT2AA, JKP56AV1AA, ZEK754GP1, ZEK754GP2BG, ZEK754GP3BG, ZEK754GP4BG, ZEK754GP5BG, ZEK754GP6BG, ZEK754GP7BG, ZEK755WP1, ZEK755WP2WG, ZEK755WP3WG, ZEK755WP4WG, ZEK755WP5WG, ZEK755WP6WG, ZEK756GP2BG, ZEK756GP3BG, ZEK756GP4BG, ZEK756GP5BG, ZEK756GP6BG, ZEK756GP7BG, ZEK757WP1WG, ZEK757WP2WG, ZEK757WP3WG, ZEK757WP4WG, ZEK757WP5WG, ZEK757WP6WG, and more

Thermador Oven Control Board 486752 / 14-33-347 – Door Lock Sequence and Errors

Are you having door lock problems with your Thermador control board 486752 or 14-33-347,  487604 or 316080103.   At www.FixYourBoard.com, we get questions about the door lock operation for this controller.  This post addresses this by describing the sequence of events when the controller is programmed for a clean cycle.    We hope this information will help you  troubleshoot door lock issues with the following model numbers: RDDS30, RDDS30QW, RDDS30V, RDDS30VQB, RDDS30VQB, RDDS30VRS, RDDS30VRS, RDFS30, RDF30, RDF30QB, RDF30QW, RDF30RS, RDF30RS, RDSS30, RED30V, RED30VQB, RED30VQRS, RED30VQW, REF30, REF30QB, REF30QW, REF30RS, RES30, RES30QB, RES30RS, RES30W, RDDS30, RDDS30QW, RDDS30, RDDS30V, RDDS30VQB, RDDS30VRS, RDFS30, RDF30, RDF30QB, RDF30QW, RDF30RS, RDSS30, RED30V, RED30VQB, RED30VQRS, RED30VQW, REF30, REF30QB, REF30QW, REF30RS,  RES30,  RES30QB,  RES30RS,  RES30W.

State 1 -Clean Button Pressed and Time Set  (Door still unlocked)

Note that the blue display show that clean mode has been selected and the total time for the clean mode.  The state of the switches is shown in the diagram.  Pins 7 and 8 are shorted together with switch #1.  This is the un-locked state.


State 1 -Display As Soon as Clean Time is Programmed

State 2 – Automatic Door Locks are Running (One Second after State 1)

After a second in state 1, the following happens:

  1. The clean light comes on.
  2. Controller turns on the door lock motor.
  3. This state only last until motor releases switch 1 and pins 7 and 8 are no longer connected.




State 3 – Lock Motor Still Spinning and Switch #1 is Not Pressed anymore.

Pins 7, 8 and 9 are not connected and the motor is still spinning.

Note that the display shows the “locked” even though switch #2 is not pressed yet and door is not locked.  




State 4 – Lock Motor has Stopped Spinning Because Switch #2 shorted pin 7 to 9.  Oven has turned on the heating elements.

Note that the display now says “ON”.  This means that switch #2 was pressed by the lock motor which shorted pin 7 to 9.  The oven will now reach cleaning temperature.




State 5 – Fault State.  If the controller does not sense the door lock on pins 7 and 9.

In this fault mode, the controller will beep and show door on the screen.


Error State – Control did not receive the locked signal on pins 7 and 9.