F1, F2, F3 Errors With Whirlpool Series 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610 Built-In Ovens

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

Electronic Control Board Rebuilds

This write-up is brought to you by A PCB REPAIR COMPANY.

Does this board look familiar?  The different part number variations are:  4453701, 4452892, 8301345, 8301465, 4453193, 4452900, 8186024, 8303885, W10340935, 8301919

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

Common Rebuild Part 4452892 and 4452900 Part

This board type if often sent in to PCB repair companies.  Even more often, we get a question regarding error codes and how to determine if the controller is at fault. Well, every case is a little different, but these are the 4 most common error types that we see.  3 out of the 4 usually mean the controller is the culprit.    The common models that this applies to are 8RBS2 GBS27 GBS30 RBS24 RBS27 RBS30 RS610:  The most common are:

F1 / E1, E2, E3,E4, E5  – Control Board needs to be rebuilt/replaced

F3/ E0, F3/E2  – These are temperature sense problems.  Usually this means the board has a problem, but check you temperature sensor at room temperature.  If it is about 1080 ohms, the temperature sensor is good and the problem lies with the control board.  Send it in.

F5/E1  -Door latch will not lock.  This means the controller tried to lock the door during a self test, but it stayed un-locked.  Check the door lock motor and switches, but usually, this is the control board with the problem.

F2/E1 – “Keypad keytail not connected” –  Check the connection from the plastic keypad panel to the control board.  If it is snug, the problem is with the plastic touchpad, not the control board.


This board set is commonly seen in the following model numbers : GBS277PDB5, GBS277PDB6, GBS277PDB7, GBS277PDB8, GBS277PDQ5, GBS277PDQ6, GBS277PDQ7, GBS277PDQ8, GBS277PDS5, GBS277PDS6, 8RBS245PDQ1, GBS277PDB3, GBS277PDB4, GBS277PDQ3, GBS277PDQ4, GBS277PDS3, GBS277PDS4, GBS277PDT3, GBS307PDB3, GBS307PDB4, RBS275PDB13, RBS275PDQ13, RBS275PDT13, RS610PXGV7, RS610PXGW7, GBS277PRB01, GBS277PRQ01, GBS277PRS01, GBS277PRS02, GBS307PRB01, GBS307PRB03, GBS307PRQ01, GBS307PRQ03, GBS307PRS01, GBS307PRS02, RBS245PRB06, RBS245PRS, RBS245PRS04, RBS245PRS06, RBS245PRT, RBS275PVQ, RBS305PVS00, RBS307PVQ00, GBS277PDB11, GBS277PDB12, GBS277PDQ11, GBS277PDQ12, GBS277PDS11, GBS277PDS12, GBS277PDT11, GBS277PDT12, GBS307PDB11, GBS307PDB12

Home Diagnostics for Your RDD, RDS, RDF, RED, REF, RES Thermador Oven Range Cooktop Stove

Is your Thermador oven throwing error codes, not heating to set temp., or malfunctioning in other ways?

You may need to have your control board repaired, but the problem could also be failing hardware in your oven.

Luckily, these boards have a built-in diagnostic feature that can tell you where the problem is.  To enter the diagnostic mode, you need to have the breaker to your oven shut off.  Hold down the “Stop Time” button (center button) and have a friend turn the breaker back on.  Until the button is depressed, the control will beep and show the microprocessor ID in blue digits and dashes in red digits.  Once “Stop Time” is depressed, the control will stop beeping and show dashes in both the blue and red digits.


Display shows Microprocessor ID and dashes when you enter Diagnostics Mode.

From here, you can test all the various functions of the oven control.

Holding any of the cooking buttons (Convection, Bake, or Broil) will energize that element relay while the button is held in, and the display will show “ON”.  You should hear a *click* whenever the relay turns on or off.  Depressing the button turns the relay off.

Holding the Clock button will energize the door latch relay and illuminate all display segments.

Holding the Stop Time button will cause the board to beep and show the same screen as when you entered Diagnostics: 4 digit Microprocessor ID and dashes.

Holding the Cook Time Button will show the  EEPROM checksum in blue digits and the current oven sensor temperature in red.

Holding the Timer button will cause the control board to beep.

Holding the Clean button will reveal the current state of the door latch.  Depending on which revision of the control board you have, there are 4 possible conditions, represented by either numbers 0-3 or 4-7…

  • 0 or 4: Latch in transition between states. Unlock Switch 1 and Lock Switch 2 are both open.
  • 1 or 5: Fully Latched (door closed). Unlock Switch 1 is open and Lock Switch 2 is closed.
  • 2 or 6: Fully Unlatched. Unlock Switch 1 is closed and Lock Switch 2 is open.
  • 3 or 7: Invalid Latch State. Unlock Switch 1 and Lock Switch 2 are both closed.

Pressing Cancel/Clear/Off will exit the Diagnostic Mode.



So, this is a powerful troubleshooting tool.  For example, if your oven isn’t heating properly, use diagnostic mode to figure out which element isn’t heating.  Hold Bake, you should hear the Bake relay click, and the Bake element (bottom) should heat as long as the button is held in.  If you hear the click, but there’s no heat, check the wiring to the element and the element itself (hardware specs below).  If the hardware is good, then the control board needs to be sent in for repair.  Even if the relay clicks, it can still have bad contacts.

Or, perhaps the oven isn’t heating properly because there is a failure in the temperature sensing circuit.  Hold the Cook Time button to reveal the oven sensor temperature.  If the oven has been idling at room temperature, then the red digits should display something around “070” (70 degrees).  Anything drastically different than this means there is a definite problem.  Check the wiring to the oven sensor and the sensor itself.  If the hardware is good, then the control board needs to be sent in for repair.

There are is a variety of possible failures for these ovens.  Using the diagnostics mode can help you find which circuit is faulty, and then you can use the table below to determine whether it’s a hardware problem or control board problem.


DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE!  You do not need power to the oven to make these measurements. Please cut the breaker.

Bake Element E6** 18-26 Ω
Broil Element E7** 12-20 Ω
Convection Motor E2 to E8 55-80 Ω
Latch Motor E2 to E5 835-870 Ω
Temperature Sensor J1: pins 3 to 5 ~1080 Ω at Room Temp

**NOTE: The motors and sensor checks test the hardware and relevant wiring simultaneously.  There’s no good way to test the heating elements and their wiring at the same time.  Check the resistance of the elements at the ends of the element, and then individually inspect the wires from the ends of the elements.


This troubleshooting guide applies to the following Part and Model numbers…

P/N: 14-33-347, 35-00-571, 35-00-751, 486752, 487604


Temperature Control Problems and F2,F3,F1 error codes with Whirlpool Series RB160 RB170 RS675 Built-In Ovens

If your oven has a controller that looks like this and has erratic temperature control issues, it is very likely a problem with the controller.  At www.FixYourBoard.com we commonly get questions regarding these controllers.

The electronic controllers can be referred to as any of the following: 3169255, 3169256, 3169257, 3169258,  3169259,  3182391, 3182392, 3184943


When the  temperature is erratic and the oven frequently has trouble reaching temperature, even an experienced tech may have difficulty troubleshooting.  It is difficult to nail down because once the temperature control circuit begins to fail, you will see heating elements not coming on or staying on too long at random times.  This can also lead to F1,F2 or F3 errors.  The good news is that any of these controllers can be rebuild quickly and reliably with a  success rate that is over 95%.

List of Whirlpool model numbers:

WPLRM770PXAB0, RB160PXBB0, RB160PXBB1, RB160PXBB2, RB160PXBQ0, RB160PXYB0, RB160PXYB2, RB160PXYB3,  RB160PXYB4,  RB160PXYQ0,  RB160PXYQ2,  RB160PXYQ3,  RB160PXYQ4, RB160PXYQ6,  RB170AM,  RB170PXBB, RS6755xyn, RB760PXB, RB270PXYB, RB260PXYB, RB260PXBB2,  RB270PXYB, RB260PXBQ2, RB770PXBB1, RB770PXYB, RB770PXYB5, RS696PXBB2,  RM765PXAB0, RM770PXBB2, RF396PXYN, RFB260PXBQ2, RF385PXYQ1,


Newly Obsoleted Whirlpool Control Boards – A Repair Company can still repair them!

This is an appliance PSA from your friends at Repair Facility:

The recent disasters in Japan have severely interrupted the Whirlpool Corporation’s manufacture and warranty service of the following parts:

W10023340, 9781981, W10110646, W10163334, 3187099, 8184747, 3169258, 3169259, 3181703, W10121375, W10031410, W10048200, 2252161, 8182651, 3181705, 4389211, 4389570, 77001200, 2252159, 31944801, 12001613, W10110658, 33001129, W10206049, 3407099, 25001217, 3977289D, 9752277CT, 77001219, 9752277CW, 9781980, 12001613, 12566102, 12920710, 71002331, 74009315, 8523666, 8571916, 71003401, 74009317, 8523876, 8574969,W10084141, W10114385, W10084142, W10116541, 22003906, 74006363, 8523879, 8576472, W10108090, 22004317, 74006612, 8524212, 9754378, W10108100, 2304093, 4452444, 74006613, 8524213, 9759149, W10108110, 2304103, 4456048, 74006614, 8524250, 9760013, W10108140, 2313172, 5701M748-60, 74007213, 8524252, 9761593, W10108180, 6610152 , 6610157, 6610180, 6610189, 2321710, 6610279, 74007226, 8524346, 9762810, W10108190, W10132445, 25001218, 6610321, 74007234, 8524347, 9762811, W10108220, W10135901, 3149459, 6610322, 74008312, 8531292, 9762812, W10108230, W10138139, 31771301, 6610333, 74008313, 8541034, 9782087CW, W10108280, W10174745, 31864501, 6610444, 74008878, 8544799, 9782435, W10114364, W10189971, 31898501, 6610445, 74008952, 74009318, 8564291, 9782437, W10114365, 3191106, 6610449, 74008960, 74009319, 8564372, 9782438, W10114369, 3191107, 6610450, 74008988, 74009320, 8564376, 9782455, W10114370, 319166, 6610456, 74008998, 74009559 8564391, 99002823, W10114371, 31949201, 6610483, 74009002, 74009714, 8564393, 99002824, W10114380, 3196970, 71001799, 74009003, 7428P009-60, 8564396, 99002825, W10114381, 3196971, 71001872, 74009154, 8564400, 99002827, W10114383, 3398084, 71002215, 74009166, 7601P154-60, 8571359, W10051096, W10114384, 7601P155-60, 7601P156-60, 7601P158-60, 7601P233-60, 77001239, 8051136, 8300795, 8302210, 8302994, 8303491, 8523665, W10116542, W10116564, W10116718, W10131867, W10131868, W10236275, W10249219, W10272495, W10299400, W10353224, Y0309305, Y0315030, 2252115, W10116566, 4456033, 2304050, W10340941, 8302967, W10116565, W10352983, W10406070.

This could be a serious problem if you suspect you have a failed controller or are experiencing any error codes (e.g. ‘E6F2’ ; ‘E1F2’ ; ‘F1’ ; ‘F3’ ; ‘F5’ ; ‘F7’).  But fear not, because here at Repair Facility, we have the know-how and equipment to repair these parts and get your kitchen going again!   Visit our website for instructions on how to send in your board, and we’ll take care of the rest.


-Young Padawan

Dacor CPO230WO and CP0130C Cooling Fan Problem and F1,F2,F3,F4 error codes

At www.FixYourBoard.com, we see controllers come in for Dacor model numbers CPO230W, CP0130C.  These models use the following control boards control that can be rebuild quickly and reliably – 82810, 82812, 82811, 82837, 82875, 82874.

The most common symptoms for these boards are F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6 error codes.  Sometimes they throw F6 codes.

For these models, when the cooling fan does not operate, it is not due to the control boards.   The following diagram illustrates this.  The red line annotates how the fan is turned on using the DLB relays to supply L1 to the fan through the thermal switch.  This means that if the oven is heating, the DLB is working and the problem must be with the thermal switch or cooling blower itself.  Note that when the cooling fan does not work, the oven can have a difficult time controlling temperature.  It is not uncommon for the oven to burn the top of the food while baking if the fan is not working properly.Dacor  Wiring Diagram for CP0230

Meaning of F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7 codes for Garland/Manitowoc Ovens

Garland oven controllers are programmed to give meaningful information if they enter into a fault condition.  This applies to most Garland ovens such as models: UCO-G-5, ECO-G-10, ECO-G-20, ICO-G-10, ICO-G-20, IC0-E-10 , ICO-E-20, ECO-E-10, ECO-E-20,MP-ES, MP-ED, MP-GS, MP-GD, PaceSetter EC-I-36, EC-II-36, EC-I-42, EC-II-42, GC-I-36,GC-II-36,GC-I-42,GC-II-42, Trendsetter ovens TE3, TE4, TTE3, TTE4, TE3/4-x, TTE3/4-X, TE3/4ECH, TTE3/4ECH, TG2A, TG3,TG4,TTG3,TTG4, Sunfire SDG-1 and SGD-2, TE2A, KFC MCO-G-5K and others.

Many times the result of the F code troubleshooting points to the control board /Timer/ERC.  Don’t worry, they can be rebuilt even if the part is no longer available (NLA) or obsolete.  With www.garland.fixyourboard.com , you will never have to scrap a commercial oven due to failed electronics.

Some part numbers that throw F-codes are: 1517700, 1517701, 1517702, 1517703,1544800, 1517704,1517705, 1517706, 1517710 ,1544801, 1933801, 1933701,4521705,4521282, 4515873, 1025299, 1025204,1034199, 1244705, 1285601, 1025204, 1244704, 1285700, 1905701, 1025204,1244705, 1905601 among others.

Here is a summary of the fault codes and their meaning:

F1Relay Output is Enabled When Not Cooking. The cook relay is closed with no call for heat.
-Control should be rebuilt.

F2 Over Temperature Alarm. The control is sensing an oven temperature 50 degrees or more above the
maximum temperature of 500F
-Check the probe wiring and the probes resistance  and replace if faulty
-If probe is functional, rebuild control.

F3Open Probe Circuit. The control is sensing an open circuit at the probe input.

-Check the probe wiring and the probes resistance and replace if faulty.

-If probe is functional, rebuild control.

F4Shorted Probe Circuit. The control is sensing a short circuit at the probe.
-Check the probe wiring and the probes resistance and replace if faulty
-If probe is functional, rebuild control.

F5Relay outputs not enabled when cooking. The control is in cook mode and the heat relay is not closing.
-The control should be rebuilt

F6No 60Hz input. The control does not sense the input power.
-Check the power supply for noise
-If the supply is correct, rebuild control.

F7 EEPROM. The control has detected that the calculated EEPROM check sum is incorrect.

-Reset power to control and if problem persists, rebuild control.

Send Dacor ERD, ERSD, CPS Control Boards For Repair

Dacor ovens have control boards that can be refurbished to extend the life of your oven.  The models include but are not limited to ERD30, ERSD30, ERG30, ERD36, ERDS36, ERG36, ERD48, ERDS48, ERD30S06, CPS227, CPD227, CPS230, CPD230, CPS127, CPS130, PGR30S.   Common errors include beeping F0, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 and E0 errors, blank displays and oven not reaching temperature.  These errors can be fixed  quickly and reliably at www.fixyourboard.com.  Along with the failed component, all other components prone to failure are also replaced.  This means many more years of worry-free oven operation after a control board rebuild.

Once it is suspected that the oven has a control board problem, it usually makes sense to remove all of the control boards to be inspected and repaired.  This page will show you the location of these boards.  As always, make sure all power to the oven is turned off and take pictures or notes to facilitate the re-installation process.

If you have a single oven there is one “display board” and the other a “relay board”.  If you have a double oven, there is one display board and two relay boards.  By far, the majority of problems are due to the display control board, but if you suspect an issue with the relay board, it can be tested/rebuilt too.

Common part numbers for the display board are: 701002, 701003, 701004, 701005, 701006, 701007, 62180, 62181, 62182 ,62151, 62789, 62790, 62692, 62681, 82381, 82382, 82758.

These look similar to this:

The location of the display board can be seen in the following diagram:

The relays board/s will look similar to:

The relay boards can be found using the following diagram:

Once you have your notes/pictures for reference.  Remove the control boards, wrap it with some cushioning and put it in a box.  Most control boards will be fixed, tested and returned to your door step within a week.