Repair of IDI-Cybor Control Controllers. 1-139-022, 1-130-020, 1-139-023

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This page is dedicated to control boards designed by IDI-Cybor. Their chemical management technology is used primarily in semiconductor processing: specifically in dispensing resist, develop, EBR, low-k, SOG and solvent. If you are having trouble finding these parts or want to save some money, look no further. GetSpares has a cleanroom with working IDI pumps.  This way, you know the parts will be fully functional.

Send Your Controller or Buy One Directly

  • Revive your IDI pump system without having to replace an expensive or no-longer-available (NLA) controller.
  • Quick turn time minimizes downtime.

Guaranteed results

  • Extensive knowledge on IDI-Cybor pump controllers allows for a broad range of thorough trobleshooting and analysis.
  • Root cause identified and other components prone to failure are replaced.

If your board is not listed below

There is a long list of Commercial/Industrial boards that we have repaired but are not on the website. We will be adding to the list below as we develop automation for testing specific part numbers. In the event that your board is not listed, please feel free to contact us at GetSpares with a model/part/serial number and a description of the problem.

Part Details:

Image Part # Description
M300 Control Card FSI Polaris 294017-007
Pump Controller
Pump Controller
PCB, Motherboard Panel Display
M300 Mother-13 FSI Polaris 294018-013
Integrated Designs FSI 294056-001 PCB-M300
Chemical Interface IDS Comm. PCB AssyIDI 310 Controller
PCB Pump Controller
1-139-028 PCB M400 Sub Assy
1-139-035 PCB assy
1-130-018 Model 20 PCB